February 09, 2016

      Recently, I was inspired by Shea, from the blog Shea Lennon to begin keeping track of my monthly purchases in order to put myself on a strict spending budget. It's no secret I love to buy clothes, and for the most part, I have very affordable tastes, but even affordable options can add up to unnecessary spending.

      We're currently on a path which will eventually lead us to the home of our dreams, so I'm putting myself on a very tight budget for the remainder of the year, and hope to successfully participate in a few no buy months starting with the month of February. A concept that was first introduced to me by my friend Mica from Away from the Blue. It's going to be tough, but I'm more than determined to finish the month in a successful no buy.

Here's what I bought January 2016,

Target: Blue Aztec fringe cardigan, $9.78
Forever 21: Rose Gold Druzy Pendent similar; same price $6.90
TJMaxx: Khombu Waterproof Duck Boots $39.99 (I had $10 off) -- $29.99
Walmart: Kylo Ren Graphic tee $8.44 (not pictured, but it was on Instagram)

Total: $55.11

      See what I mean when I say "cheap" things add up? Besides the snow boots, none of these things I needed. Which as of now, even those can be argued with this odd winter weather. The Aztec cardigan was a total impulse web purchase. When it arrived I was disappointed. The fabric is very thin and frail feeling. It's cute, but it's definitely going to fall apart in a few months. I guess the Star Wars tee is arguably necessary. I'm some what of a Star Wars nut and I had yet to purchase a tee for the reboot.

Here's what I bought for Penelope,

Walmart: George UK Toddler Coat , Now listed as $15, I scored it for $8 three weeks ago!

Total: $8

      In Shea's clothing budget, she included her son's monthly purchases as well. Toddler clothing is adorable for a reason, because companies want you to spend your life savings on tiny graphic tees and printed pants. Looking at my track record, I actually did amazing in the month of January, and only purchased one thing for Penny and her obnoxious wardrobe.

Be sure to check out Shea's monthly budget posts as well as the blogger who inspired her, here. I think in this crazy consumer world we live in, it's refreshing to take a step back from the hauls and shopping sprees and really focus on where it is your hard earned money is actually going. Or even more importantly, where it could go in the future.

Have you ever participated in a no buy month? 
Do you give yourself a monthly clothing budget? 

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