February 29, 2016

      Today I'm confessing. Confessing to my no buy fail. Well, sort of. I successfully managed to stay clean and not purchase a single article of clothing for myself all month. Penny? Well, cough cough, President's day sales may have gotten the best of me.

      Recently Joshua and I have our hopes, hearts, and hypothalami set on home ownership. This may be as close to a reality as this summer, and my spendy way of life needed to get under control. As I mentioned in January's Clothing Budget, I was inspired by Shea, over at Shea Lennon and her monthly clothing budget posts, to start taking control of my mindless spending habits. Let me point out that after just one month of doing so, I am shocked at all the money I managed to save!

Here's what I bought February 2016
In short, a bunch of tee shirts from Target's online President's day sale.

1. Ice cream cone leggings $4.50
2. Heart tee $4.50
3. Star Wars Graphic tee $7.99
4. Batman Baseball tee $7.99
5. Ice cream cone tee $4.50
6. Flamingo tee $4.50
7. Heart Peplum tee $6.00 (not pictured)

Total: $36.79, after Red card and President's Day promotional discounts -$7.54 = $31.15

      I should have known Target would be my demise. Seriously what is it with that place? All it's magical nonsense. However, when I compare my monthly spending to last month's total, I am pleased with my self control. In terms of need, she only kind of needed any of these tops. Clearly the Star Wars one was me trying to brainwash my child into fandom. I'm slightly ridiculous. To the point where if she sees me pull out a pair of Star Wars socks, she says things like "beep beep boop," and attempts to sing the Imperial March. Parenting status, legit. 

      My first no buy month was kind of a success, when it comes to myself. Really, do you blame me for succumbing to the adorable pit that is Target's kids clothes? I think that in the future, when I participate in no buy months, Pen purchases will be exempt. Does this mean I should buy $40 worth of toddler clothes every month? No, but I'm not one to turn down a sale when it comes to stocking up of items I know we'll need come Spring and Summer.

What were some of your monthly purchases?
Did you snag and great President's day sales? 

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