January 29, 2016

      Inspiration is all around us. What's trash to you, could be something beautiful to me. What you think looks horrible, I pine over. Our complexity is what sets us apart. Today, Stephanie and I are discussing our muses. Those individuals and such that influence us in beauty and beyond.

I'm not going to go super in depth with this because I recently discussed my sense of style and finding myself in this post.  I'd say I draw a lot of inspiration from classy and simple gals such as Kate Middleton and Lauren Conrad. I mean, Kate and I both rock blue sapphire engagement rings. Both ladies always look flawless, even if they're rocking a simple tee and jeans. In fact, LC was the first celebrity I ever drew influence from when it came to my style and trying to define myself. They're practical icons to have for a mom. Kimmie, I love ya, but I'd look ridiculous in plunging necklines and stilettos.♥ 

I've been told more than once that I eat very odd foods. In college (no judging) I was that girl that loved to eat a cheese pizza with rice and dip it in sour cream. YAS. I know what you might be thinking, and no, I have never ever done drugs. I'm just weird. But seriously, those were the good old days. Before my body got ten years older than my mind and decided any and everything was going to make it sick. Now, I take eating a little more serious. I've mentioned prior, Joshua and I have adopted a prominently vegetarian/ pescatarian (i.e: we cut out red meat, and poultry and increased veggies and beans) life style. It's been almost 5 weeks. We're trying out so many new meals I plan to share here on According to Kiki, and the entire transition has been oddly easy for both of us. For the most part, I come up with our meals by searching Pinterest.

Beauty inspiration is literally endless. I can see a leaf and get inspired, or, in the case of the above photo on the left, a Pumpkin Spice Latte. There's no beginning or end to what inspires me, but let's be honest, a little Pinterest never hurt anyone.

When it comes to the beauty community, my two favorite beauty YouTube gurus are Carli Bybel & Kathleen of Kathleen Lights. Both are unimaginably gorgeous and fun to watch. I love Carli's taste in lip products, and it's been the sole reason I've been drawn to her all these years. Kathleen creates unique eye looks and has multiple collaborations with the affordable brand, Colourpop. Both of them freelance, so as far as expertise go, I wouldn't say I'd go to them for the scoop on how to's and this and that's when it comes to makeup application. In fact, I save that for the ever charming Wayne Goss.

Stephanie and I have this in common. Both of us happily allow our locks to just do their own thing. Back in June, I permed my hair, which was theoretically great, but not something I'll be redoing. The damaging side effects just weren't worth the convenience. My hair, naturally wavy, still maintains much of my perm seven months later. I have two hair styles I follow, crazy bun & crazy down.

Who are your Muses?
What inspires your style?

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