January 08, 2016

      Whoa, it's already the 8th day of the year? Anyone feel like they were just watching the ball drop? Regardless of how you rang in the new year, we all have one thing in common. The desire to better ourselves. Whether it be through goals, resolutions, what have you, we all crave change and the possibility the new year can bring.

      Today, the lovely Stephanie and I are sharing 5 things we're hopeful for in 2016. Why only 5? I think the biggest reasons New Years Resolutions fail comes from setting standards for yourself that just aren't practical. Sure you might go at it awhile, but most of us crash and burn into the flames of disappointment. Rather than bore you with a list full of things I'll never actually do, here's a list of things I'd like to see happen this year.

1// SO.MUCH.CRAP - Like most women in their mid twenties, I realize I have too much crap. Living in an apartment, is the ultimate reminder that you are a crap hoarder. Yes. My name is Kiki and I have a lot of crap. Fear not 2016, this will be the year I have crap no more. Ok, ok. I will have less crap. I want to start with our bedroom. Since we live in a two bedroom apartment, it gets pretty cramped. Our bedroom is kind of a hide all when people are coming over. There are so many things in there I know for a fact I dont need. Oh, and I haven't looked under the bed since we moved in. Its been two years. So there's that...

2// EATING MORE - Confession. I wrote eating more to trick you into reading this. Most people, you know, want to eat less? I, in fact, want to eat more. Eat more veggies, eat more food made from whole foods, and eat less meat. Now, I rarely consume meat of any kind. There's fish, and chicken here and there, but more often than not I live a pretty vegetarian life. Joshua has even shown interest in it lately, and we're currently compiling ideas for some vegetarian dinners. Will we become strictly vegetarians in 2016? Probably not. I'm not going to lie, I love fish, crab, lobster. But I think red meat will be virtually gone from our diets.

3// SAVE - I wouldn't be telling the truth if I didn't come out right now and admit that I have a spending problem. I blame all you awesome bloggers. Ok kidding, but you make it oh so hard to save showing me your pretty liquid lipsticks and fashionable booties. Truth is, we have so much crap for a reason. I'd like to see me save this year, and do so in a way that makes myself proud.

4// BLING BLING - I keep all my earrings in this beautiful porcelain jar that was my late aunts. I wear the same earrings every day. Perhaps it's habit, or just pure laziness, but I want to essentially start from scratch with my jewelry. I think I'm at an age where statement necklaces, and giant owl earrings just aren't cute anymore. I'm more into dainty necklaces, stud earrings and my one ring. (To rule them all.....Sorry... I had to.) So I know what you're thinking, kinda contradicts number 3, right? I'm not fancy. I'm cool buying my jewelry at Target. I actually own three necklaces from Target I've had over 10 years and I'm not kidding when I say I wear them constantly. They've never tarnished. Basically I want less than a bowl full of earrings I never wear and to actually wear every necklace I own. Think of it as accomplishing goal 1, while budgeting for goal 3.

5// MAN UP - Here's a little something I bet you didn't know about me. I am a numero uno cry baby. I've let people walk all over me my entire life. Instead of sticking up for myself, I come home, watch a sad movies and cry. A lot. Why? Why have I always allowed people to make me feel low? Joshua has told me on numerous occasions that I'm a pushover, and when I really think about it, it's unsettling. I don't want to be known as someone who can just be walked all over. This year, I want to stick to a better way of thinking, a new reality where I focus on me and my family and what makes us happy. I spend so much time caring about the happiness of others and tiptoeing around people's feelings who could care less about mine. It's time I woMAN up...... cheese... so.much.cheese. 

What goes are you reaching to achieve in 2016? 

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