January 19, 2016

      If you dont follow the lovely blog of Stephanie Eva, you're totally missing out in wonderfully put together beauty week! Year two of #StephanieBlogsBeautyWeek, on Instagram is THIS WEEK! Check out her link for the full list of prompts!

      Today's prompt celebrates the easiest trend in the makeup world yet. "No makeup, makeup," blew up on social media what seems like over night. I'm all for the dramatic smokey eye and falsies, but there's something oh so beautiful about a fresh face. For the longest time this was a look I had no desire in attempting. I was comfortable with my thick liner and layers upon layers of foundation. However, due to some fabulous blogger friends, and perfecting my skincare, this is now a look I embrace. Whether it's the weekend, or a day at the office, I'm comfortable rocking this barely there look and doing so with the utmost confidence.

What's on my face? 

Lips: Natio Lip Smoothie Crayon in the color Petal - A big shout out to Amber for supplying me with my first ever Australian makeup product. These are exactly like the Clinique Chubby Stick Baby tints!  

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