January 27, 2016

       If you asked me even five years ago where I thought my life would be now, I wouldn't have thought I'd be engaged, happy and above all, a mother. Five years ago I was careless, dating a total pathetic dirt bag of a man and had no idea what I was doing with life. If so much great can happen in such little time, imagine how much my life will change in the next ten years.

      Today's post was inspired by my dear friend Stephanie and her recent In Ten Years post. Stephanie was quite impressed with herself when she stumbled upon a list she had made with a ten year timeline in mind. To her surprise, she had tackled a number of things without even trying. The list had helped her in a time she felt down. A time she felt uninspired and was hopeful for the future. I don't want to spoil her post, but the things she did accomplish in such a short period of time, are thoroughly impressive.

      Stephanie's post made me want to take my own thoughts into consideration and jot them down. Who knows, perhaps I'll look back at this in just a year or so and feel the same way she did?

1// BUY A HOUSE - I've never been so ready to leave a place before. We've had a great renting experience, and totally lucked out with all of our awesome neighbors, but we are sooo outgrowing the apartment life. If all goes as planned, we'll be out by June.

2// ADOPT A DOG - Let me get this off my chest..... I am a CAT person. Yes, I love cats, I have two cats, I wish I could have a thousand cats. However, I do believe that a home isn't complete without a dog. As long as that dog will be loved and cared for of course. Don't get me wrong, I like dogs, I can't wait to adopt a dog from a shelter and give him or her the best life. There's a sense of safety with a dog. Cats probably won't protect you if your home is being broken into.

3// WE SHOULD PROBABLY GET MARRIED - Oh yea, then there's that. That word that makes me go normal to awkward in seconds. Weddings. I blame emotional trauma and the blog doesn't need that negative energy. When my mom asks? I simply say, it will happen before baby No.2. We're getting married this year, mark my words.

4// WRITE FINISH A BOOK - Here's a fun fact about me, I love to write fiction. Short stories, stories that never end, etc. I have been doing so since the 3rd grade and honestly, I believe I've let one other human besides my sister read something I've written. Call it fear perhaps, but I've hidden my passion for freaking ever. I need to stop being so afraid, to finish something and maybe let Joshua be my judge? He'll give it to me straight.

5// CHANGE A LIFE - I find even the simplest acts can change someone's life. I feel by just being kind this will work itself out in a number of ways. I put it on here not to accomplish it, but to remind myself to work it into my daily life.

6// ADVANCE IN WORK - There is much more to be learned, to achieve. I am driven, I know that I can accomplish more and advance from here. My first inspiration at this? Easy, Joshua. He was promoted last year. Who better could I look up to?

7// BABY NO.2 - This is something Joshua and I have talked a lot about recently. Both of us grew up with siblings, we've known for awhile we want to add to our brood. First comes marriage (this time). If all goes as planned, we will welcome Baby No. 2 in 2017!

8// PLANT A GARDEN - Ok, so a little boring compared to my last goal. Joshua's Stepmom has the most amazing herb and vegetable gardens. I swear her thumb is the greenest of green. I know once we land a home she'll be the first person I look to on gardening advice.

What are your long term, or short term, goals for your life? 

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  1. This is a great list and I am a firm believer that when you put your goals down they are much more likely to be achieved!

    Wishes & Reality


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