January 28, 2016

      Well friends, yesterday someone really really bored in Bolivia decided to hack themselves into my blog and delete lots and lots of widgets. Oh, they didn't stop there. No. no. no. They continued by uninstalling things, deleting posts, until I saw the email  and could change my password. At first I was really upset. All that hard work was just gone in a matter of ten minutes. Instead of blubbering like a baby, I took the opportunity to start with something new. A new look; a blog face lift, if you will. The best part? I had to code 60% of this bad boy myself. For someone that literally knows nothing about html formatting, I'd say that was a pretty huge accomplishment for me.

      Lucky for me, I'd already been working on my own template using the structure of another already made template. This was just the push I needed to finally add it to According to Kiki, and I totally think she likes it. Yes, I refer to my blog as a her. Don't you?

      Anyways, this was my short, sweet to the point explanation for why my blog has been down, back up, and why things were in crazy places for the last 48 hours. Thank you for reading and I can't wait to catch up with all of your blogs!

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