January 04, 2016

      Here are the goods. Well, some of them goods. Others were huge disappointments. It's been two months since I promised myself I'd start making a conscious effort to use up some of the products in my arsenal, and like last month, I'm still going strong.

Revlon Facial Razor - Marketed for eye brow grooming, I used them to shave baby hairs.

     Would I buy them again? No. I'm pretty sure these were discontinued, since I can't find them anywhere. I've been using a different brand for now and I like them 10x better. These are crap.

Nugg Soothing Face Mask with Shea and Chamomile - Individual face masks available at Target retailers both in store and online.

     Would I buy it again? No. I didn't find anything wrong with this, but it didn't do anything either. My skin felt no different.

Boots Botanics Organic Rose Spritz - Hands down my favorite toner. If you've followed this blog these last few months, you know how much I love this stuff. Of course I have repurchased it!

Fergie Take on the Day Eyeshadow Primer - The best drugstore primer on the market, and probably my favorite of all time.

     Would I buy it again? This is probably my like 30th tube, so it's obvious that this is a staple of mine. The packaging rubs off, which is a pet peeve of mine, but it's Wet n' Wild, what do you expect? I've used UD Primer potion and currently have one by Lorac, and still prefer this.

Hard Candy Makeup Setting Spray - Ah the search for a good drugstore setting spray continues.

     Would I buy it again? No. I think I was allergic to this. Other than that it's an ok drugstore setting spray. Don't expect Fix+.

Estee Lauder Double Wear in Ecru (sample size) - This was a contender when I was trying to find a new foundation to fall in love with.

     Would I buy it again? I never purchased this foundation. Aside from every color being a tad off on me, this broke me out. The coverage, the finish, everything was lovely. Recommend if you have a lot that needs covered up.

Maybelline Fit Me concealer - It's very annoying that I can physically see how much is left in this thing yet nothing will come out.

     Would I buy it again? I dont see the hype around this product. It's a good not great buy with "meh" results. I'm not a huge fan of doe foot applicators anything other than liquid lipsticks. I feel like you waste so much of the product.

Nicole by OPI Drying Drops - It's official, I cannot live without these.

     Would I buy it again? Thanks to Miss Stephanie, who reminded me of this once loved product in my early college years, I've been on a nail painting frenzy. I'm a mom. A tired mom at that. I love to paint my nails. I also love my bed. These babies make both possible.

Nip + Fab Glycolic Exfoliating Facial Scrubs - Remember Stridex pads? These are like their rich, blonde stepsister.

     Would I buy it again? At first I wasn't sure if I had hyped this product up. This brand has been exploding since Kylie endorsed their Dragon's Blood Serum. Up until two days ago, I told myself I wouldn't be repurchasing right away. Not because I didn't like the product, but because I wasn't sure it was actually doing anything. Then, bam. Proof. Three days of not using these and all my dry skin flakes came back! So yes, these are currently in transit on their way to me.

How I use them: I find these work the best for me in the morning. I do not wash my face in the morning. Instead, I use one of these followed by my Boots Rose Spritz. Flakey skin be gone!

NOW Vitamin C Facial Scrub - I am a huge fan of this brand. Affordable, USDA certified Organic.

     Would I buy it again? For now, I have gone back to a good old favorite of mine. This product is wonderful for anyone interested in trying out a new facial scrub. Smells very orangey.

Nugg Exfoliating Cranberry Face Mask - Gritty texture, subtle cranberry scent. Comes as a single pod.

     Would I buy it again? No. I much prefer exfoliating masks that are a gel consistency without the grit. If it's going to sit on my face for a few minutes, I'd rather it be grit free. I just wasn't a fan of this formula.

Nugg Revitalizing Face Mask with Peppermint - It says Peppermint. I had to try it.

     Would I buy it again? YES! With it's counter parts leaving me less than impressed, I didn't have high hopes for this. Perhaps it's my partial-ness to anything peppermint, or that cool sensation it gives your skin, but I love this stuff. It also gives my skin a firm, smoothness the very next morning.

Equate Nail Polish Remover - Nothing too crazy about this product. It's basic, works ok. I'll probably buy it again because it's cheap and gets the job done. However, it's not worth me referring to it as a recommendation.

Walgreens Brand Pore Strips - Anyone else get excited to look at a pore strip? No, just me? Well, ok...

     Would I buy these again? Nope. I think my lone black head and I can agree that these were a total waste of time.

Organix Hydrating Tea Tree Shampoo - Like last months conditioner empty, I was using this as a clarifying once a week shampoo. I've had it since the Spring. A little certainly does go a long way.

     Would I buy it again? For now, I'll pass.

Wet n'Wild Mega Liner in Black - This stuff is good if not great with a price point that can't be beat.

     Would I buy it again? I have another currently in use, but have a new liner I will be buying when that one runs out. Eventually, I'll probably buy it again.

Japonesque Velvet Touch Primer - I purchased this back in September when Ulta was having their 21 Days of Beauty Sale for $18.

     Would I buy it again? No. This stuff is normally $32 a bottle. It was a decent primer, but I wouldn't say anything extraordinary. There's a decent amount left in my bottle that the pump style packaging doesn't not allow me access to. I much prefer squeeze tubes.

The Body Shop Satsuma Body Sorbet - These are the weirdest, coolest body lotions I've ever used.

     Would I buy it again? This one was a gift, but I would totally buy one of these! I had the peach one. The texture is so unique and unlike anything I've ever used.

RT Miracle Complexion Sponge - My squishy.

     Would I buy it again? Heed my warning mortals and DO NOT purchase these at Walmart. For when I have they are cut oddly and possess huge porous openings. A quick Google search, and you'll see thousands of customer complaints regarding inconsistency of this product. Inconsistency I have personally experienced when buying my sponges at Walmart retailers. (To be exact, 5 different Walmart's) I swear by Ulta and Walgreens. My sponges are correct size and bouncy.

Salon Perfect 110 Lashes - These are super affordable, durable and light.

     Would I buy them again? Yes. They're a perfect every day lash when you want a little something extra.

Glossier Soothing Face Mist - An oh so thoughtful gift from mah blogging sista.

     Would I buy it? No. Unfortunately, I was unable to form a good opinion of this product because every time I'd try it, my face would turn feverishly bright red. I tried it on my chest and had the same reaction. A few weeks went by and it happened again. To use up this product, I sprayed it on my stomach, legs and arms post shower. Those parts of my body were some how not effected by the red, warm to the touch rash.

Coconut Oil - This is my tried and true makeup remover, teeth whitener, and pan slicker (is that a thing?). There are so many brands, types on the market. Click on the Coconut Oil link to see which one is best for you!

What products did you use up in December?
What was your favorite product of 2015? 

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