December 21, 2015

      It's been quite the eventful month for us. Sleeping in yesterday until 7:15 was somewhat of a monumental moment for me. We've been busy these last few weeks getting ready for the holidays and getting to know Santa. I mean, kinda. We've actually seen Santa every Saturday for three weeks. The first was bad breath Santa. He was nice, happy, had a real beard, which earns automatic brownie points with me. I love real bearded Santa's and always have. Pen was terrified. Second was salt and pepper Santa. His beard was grey. Yes grey, not white. She did a little better with him because her Nana was there to protect her. Oh and we met Elsa that day too. So that more than likely helped her mood. Last but certainly not least, was the Santa we just met this past Saturday.

blurry phone pic. sorry guys! 

      It was a lovely Breakfast with Santa hosted by the Volunteer Fire Department of Zoar. Zoar Village is a historical town close to where I grew up. It's peaceful, and the locals really care about it's upkeep. One of my favorite parts of Zoar, is their church. The small chapel seats less than a hundred people and homes a stunning hand carved organ. It held many Christmas Concerts for choir when I was younger.

      We've been overly spoiled this December with warmer than the norm temps and sunshine. Of course Saturday was a huge slap in the face with gusty winds, chilly temps and my favorite, snow. Just kidding, I loathe snow. Despite the less than perfect weather, we arrived at the volunteer fire station and were immediately greeted with kindness. Have you ever had a fire fighter cook for you? Let me be the first to tell you, it's life changing. They are the best cooks. Our pancakes were fluffy, and our hash browns crispy. My family and I laughed together and Pen was in awe of the firetruck they had left in the bay.

      Of course, seeing as this was a fire station, Mr. & Mrs. Clause arrived via emergency transport vehicle, not sleigh. Because Santa knows how to show up in style. Since my child has been less than a fan in the past, I didn't think any different of this day. I'm that mom who is totally satisfied with a screaming Santa picture. It's like a right of passage. Imagine my shock, when Penelope jumped off of my Grandma's lap, and walked right up to Santa and reached for him to pick her up. Call it a fluke, a miracle, or the fact that she's been around Santa for three weeks, but I am still in shock that she was so chill about it.

How was your weekend? 
Did your kiddos see Santa this year? 
Who has screaming toddler photos? (; 

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