December 17, 2015

Listen, I'd apologize for my week of quiet on here, except I am anything but. It's been one heck of a week. From the death of a coworker, to another coworker being sick, to my toddler running a mystery fever, I needed a break. I can tell you I'm in good spirits, and no matter how craycray life gets, I always find positive thoughts. As a full time working mama of one, and fiance of an hardworking, devoted man, sometimes I will have random hiatuses. Bear with me and thank you for those who were a tad concerned. (; 

Moving on.....

      Ring-a-ling hear them ring? It's Christmas time, NEXT WEEK. What? Already? Is this a test? Nope. Christmas so totally creeped up on me this year. As I was tossing the last remnants of Thanksgiving Dinner into the trash last night, I thought to myself, dang it's practically here! Yes, you should have read that in your best Jim Carey Grinch voice.

      Another Thursday for the books and we're tackling the Makeup Mix Up's Silver Bells prompt. This was a slamming the text book closed revelation when I read this prompt. What makeup obsessed gal doesn't own a perfect silver eye shadow? Well, um me. Yes me. I mean, I've got a Batman yellow, that's pretty much unwearable unless I plan a Comic Con trip soon, but I didn't have a silver?! I scoured my much neglected Naked 2 palette. There's two silver-ish shades in there, Pistol & Verve. It took one swatch on my hand to remind me why I never use this palette. Meh.

Eyes: Fergie Take on the day eye primer , MakeupGeek Shadow in Vanilla Bean , Buxom Single Eye Shadow in Cool Cavier , Buxom Eye Shadow in Pure Platinum , Wet n' Wild Mega Liner in Black , L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara , Salon Perfect 110 Lashes , NYX Automatic Eyebrow Pencil in Taupe

Face: Japonesque Velvet Touch Primer , Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Foundation in Fair Sand , L.A. Girl Pro HD Concealer in Natural , Sephora Tranquil Contour Powder , Milani Blush in Romantic Rose , Wet n' Wild Reserve Your Cabana as a highlight

Lips: Milani Amore Liquid Lipstick in Lust

      My defeat was cut short when I was surprised with an early Christmas surprise from my dear friend Stephanie. I've only owned two Buxom products my entire makeup wearing existence. One was a gloss, the other a tinted lip creamy thingy. I was so excited when I opened Stephanie's surprise, to find an empty 6 bar eye shadow palette and 6 eye shadows to fill it with including the most perfect silver shadow for today's makeup mix up look! Isn't it funny how things just work themselves out?

      The morning I was creating this look, I was pretty certain how I wanted it to turn out. I went about my usual makeup morning like I always do, with all my products scattered across the counter of our bathroom. I was just about to apply the Buxom shade, Pure Platinum, when I realized I had laid all my eye brushes in a puddle of water. Of course, all my backups were dirty. I was running behind and it was one of those whatever moments. To my surprise the shadows applied like a DREAM wet. We're talking the most buttery, blendy, shadow I've ever used wet. I don't typically apply shadows wet, some just aren't meant to be used that way nor have I ever had much luck with such method of application. However it worked, I went with it and I LOVE the way it turned out.

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