December 04, 2015

      Today I am honored to start the first of many Friday collaboration posts with my dear friend and fellow blogger, Stephanie of the blog Stephanie Eva.

      We've wanted to do a collaborative post for some time now. No doubt the idea stemmed from our good friends, Miranda and Jaelan, the minds behind the Makeup Mix Up. A weekly makeup challenge Stephanie and I have both participated in over the last couple of months. We threw around some ideas, did a bit of soul searching and wah-lah "The Friday Post," was born. Or is born I guess, since today is it's birth? Ha, birth... why is that so funny to me?

      So what is "The Friday Post" and what will it be about? We hope to make this a weekly occurrence with each week touching base on a particular subject. In light of the recent holiday season, today, "The Friday Post" is a Thanksgiving Recap. Hope you aren't too tired seeing photos of everyone's turkey. I mean come on, You've seen one turkey, you've seen them all. Yes?

      So in Haus of Roten, our Thanksgiving is times 4. Yes, 4 times in 72 hours did we over stuff ourselves to discomfort. So much for buying smaller pants last week...

      Thanksgiving Day: Thursday we woke up early, like your average cookie cutter American family to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. coffee. coffee. coffee. As life would have it, our horrible Time Warner Cable service kept going in and out, making the parade watching a little difficult. We loathe Time Warner Cable.

We were blessed with freakishly amazing weather and knew that it would be the perfect day to snap some potential Christmas Card photos. Miss P had a wardrobe change that day, not to confuse you in these photos.

thanks Joshua. 

Post photo shoot, we changed Pen into her Thanksgiving dress. A beautiful yellow, lace dress from I believe Target. Of course, before we left, my mom wanted to get in a few last minute photos. She's quite photo obsessed, but looking back not only on Thanksgiving, but my entire life, I've been fortunate to have the photo memories that I do. I'm so Thankful she's photo obsessed, even if she did wear the EXACT same shirt as me to our family Thanksgiving. I'm not sure where I'd be in life without my parents. Since they were seventeen years old, they've faced challenges and overcome every single one. It wasn't easy, but they did it. They are my rock. I'm Thankful to have them to look up to.

My siblings and I have always have the most amazing relationship. I'm the oldest, their mentor, if you will, and the both of them are just becoming such amazing individuals. My sister has her own place, a great job, and (finally) an wonderful boyfriend that treats her so well. My brother is excelling in school, and has joined a computer programming after school activity. He hopes to create software and games in the future. I'm so Thankful for these two.

As the season has it, our Thanksgiving evening made it next to impossible to photograph. After a wonderful afternoon with my family, we headed to Joshua's grandma's, or as we call her, Sito. She slaved away all day preparing everything from turkey to rice pilaf and though I was stuffed, I continued to eat because, um, why the heck not right?

Our evening was relaxed. We spent lots of time playing with the babies and making memories. I am so Thankful to be able to call them my family as well.

RJ (8 months), Penelope (21 months)

      Saturday: It was Thanksgiving round three for us and we started the day at Joshua's dad and stepmom's house. Shhh, don't tell the others, but Nana makes the BEST Thanksgiving dinner and always has. I'm Thankful she's a fantastic cook.

Unfortunately Saturday's festivities were not blessed with nice weather as before. Hence my lack of photos. We ate until we were full and then some, and Pen loved playing with Nana's God baby, Riley. The entire afternoon was lovely, despite the rain and cold. I am so Thankful to call them family.

By the time we made it to my aunt Jen's it was near 5PM, dark, rainy, gloomy. My other aunt and uncle were in town and it's always a pleasure to see them. They brought their two fur babies, Snickers and Peanut. Two itty bitty dachshunds, as well. My aunt Jen's house is my favorite home to visit. It's so cozy, and I have never felt more at home than there. I look forward to any holiday or family function we have there. I'm oh so Thankful for warm and cozy homes.


When I looked back at my Thanksgiving photos, I was a little disappointed in myself, but only at first. Sure I was bummed I hadn't documented the entire experience, but at the same time, we were having way too much fun to worry about photos. In the end, this was probably the best Thanksgiving to date, despite all the run around.

Being Thankful doesn't have to happen only once a year. With a positive mind, and open heart you can be Thankful every day of your life. I am oh so Thankful that the blogging community allowed me to open up and meet so many fabulous people I wouldn't have otherwise met. I am so Thankful to have met Stephanie. I swear we were born of the same brain. She just "gets" me.

See what Stephanie was up to on Thanksgiving, HERE. Just wait until you see her cake! She has a YouTube tutorial on it here and I think even I could do it! 

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