December 18, 2015

      On a shelf sits a book. It's binding is torn and it's cover tattered. The inscription claims me and reminds me of things that once were with handwritten signatures and dates. The pages smell old, loved. Like when times were simple. The book happens to be a Christmas tale, one I begged my Grandpa to read me over and over as a child. Now I read it to Pen and perhaps one day she will feel the same way about it. But these are just things. You simply can't put a price on memories. You just have to hope you can hold onto them. Maybe I dont think about those special moments, sitting in my Grandpa's rocker eating popcorn listening to Cranberry Christmas for the millionth time, but I go back every time I turn one of these pages.

      Stephanie and I are both fond of the holiday season. The cool air and tacky decor just brings people to life. As we all know, Christmas is a week away. Time sure does fly when you have things to do, right? We're continuing our third installment of The Friday Post, talking about a few of our favorite Christmas things. More specifically, those small pieces of decor that make the season worth celebrating.

      We don't have the most modern, Pinterest worthy Christmas decor out there. I'd certainly never brag about the hours we spend decorating or the places we've picked up the latest seasonal decor pieces. Most of what we have has purpose, has meaning. Much of it was passed down to us by family. Sure I can't resist picking up a new piece or two for the holidays, but honestly, my favorite Christmas decorations are the ones that take me back in time.

      Maybe it's something as simple as a childhood book. That despite summer time, you still forced your grandparents to read it to you growing up. Time has worn it, but it's meaning has only grown to me. Now, we keep it on a shelf, on display at Christmas time.

      Our tree is a mish-mash of ornaments both new and old. Some we've purchased ourselves, others passed down from family to "get us started," if you will. Growing up, my Grandma had a very crafty Christmas tree. Let's face it, her entire house looked like a country craft store. It was cozy, clean and always put together. Her tree was the same. Every year I would force her to wait until I was there so I could put the birds on her tree. (Pictured above). Two red birds with glittery wings and long tails. I have no idea where she got them, or if they have any real value or not, but they have always been my favorite. I'll never forget the December when I was younger, when it was time to bring out her Christmas decorations. I waited patiently for the birds and eyeballed the tree debating where they would go that year. When my Grandma unwrapped the birds from their cozy tissue paper cocoon, her face was glum. The beak had shattered on one of the birds. I think I was about 7 or 8. When we were young it seems like seeing the upside of things came naturally, and that's exactly what happened. I took the poor broken bird from my Grandma and got to work. I used a piece of white paper, an orange marker and a hot glue gun. In seconds he looked like his old self. Sure it wasn't perfect, but it was better, and to this day that paper beak rests on his face. My Grandma was overly proud about it. She brought it up for years until she finally decided I was ready to have the birds. For the last three Christmases they've called my tree their home and every year I get more and more excited to bring them out.

      These things are more than just holiday decor to me. They are memories, my past. Like all of us, my Grandparents are getting older. In fact, I don't leave their house anymore without crying in my car. Both are in great health. I know that, and most of this is me being dramatic. When I think that they've been in my life for almost 26 years, it scares me. In 26  more years, they wont. I know that when that time comes, these things will be how I keep their spirit alive in my home. These things aren't just things, they're treasures.

Do you have any holiday decor or home decor that means something to you? 

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