December 31, 2015

     If you got the title, give yourself a mad pat on the back. Oh, and like we totally just became besties even Dale and Brennan would be jealous of.


      Stretch. Take a deep breath friends, because this is the last day of 2015. Is it me or does New Years Eve bring this awkward, bubbly uncertainty to mind? No? My feed has been full of friends and fellow bloggers recapping their year and looking back on their biggest accomplishments. As I look at photos of perfect weddings, travels, and metaphorical bucket lists, I too began to reflect on my own year in the life.

      Some amazing things happened to me in the year 2015. It will always be remembered as the year I got engaged, the year we went from boyfriend and girlfriend, to calling each other fiance. Though our coworkers already refer to us as husband and wife, 2016 will be the year we become The Rotens. Nice ring, yes? Unless you read it like rotten tomatoes. It's pronounced ROW-TAN. Going out to eat is always a hoot. I know in the past, I have expressed my wedding woes, but in some way shape or form, it's happening. We're still working out all the details as of right now, but we've picked out our wedding bands, so if that isn't at least one step forward, then I don't know what is. Whatever happens, I know it will be for the best, and the best thing for us.

      I guess you can say I kind of needed this post to erase the bitterness I have toward the year 2015. I'm not sure if I'll ever share what happened in full. It was a tad too personal, but I can tell you that it had to do with a very cherished friendship coming to an end. Though I gained a tremendous amount this year, mentally, physically, I still feel like something that was once great was forever lost in the 2015 timeline. But hey, it doesn't do the mind well to dwell in the past.

      When we wake up tomorrow we're given this new slate of time. A blank canvas of opportunity and hope. I for one always feel, in a way, reborn on the first of the year. Phoenix? Another Harry Potter reference? I swear this was unintentional. Whether you lost everything, or conquered the world in 2015, I hope you wake up tomorrow with all the drive, motivation and strength to make 2016 the best it can possibly be. We do, in fact Open at the Close. We open our minds to new happenings, new possibly, and the hope that we can be better tomorrow.

      Tonight, I'll be in my thermal pjs, eating pizza dip and whatever else Joshua is currently concocting as we speak. We'll play games, I'll gasp at how flawless Ryan Seacrest is, as I devour a bottle of wine in my fancy wine goblets. Yes. I'm legit, I have goblets. All of this will be enjoyed from the comfort of my apartment. My feet cozily attached to the slipper socks I'm fantasizing about at this very moment. The ones I wish were acceptable to wear to the office. Maybe I'm boring, but that's my idea of a good time. What are your plans? Are any of you going out? Going to Time Square? Let me know so I can stalk your snapchat stories! 

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