November 03, 2015


       Just a little back story: I've struggled with skin problems my entire life. When I wasn't getting fried and watching my body freckle into existence, I was taking some sort of oral acne pill promised to rid my face and body of cystic bumps and yucky white heads. Oh puberty. Of course this was followed by cream after cream prescription and non prescription, which left me chemically burned or Mr. Pimple, party of four. Eventually I just got to a point in my life where I got really good at covering it all up.

      After child birth, I had a whole mess of new issues to deal with. My skin started to produce so much oil, yet spots on my face were painfully dry. So much so, that my skin was literally rejecting any and all kinds of foundation or concealer I'd try and slap over top of it. So much for hiding everything right? It was quite frankly a nightmare. I'm not a vain person, but I felt terrible about myself. Working in an office, I see a lot of customers, deal with people face to face all day long. My face is kinda sorta important for me. My mom suggested I see a dermatologist. I have a lot of strong feels toward dermatologists and their methods of dealing with acne, much of it stemming from my younger days. I knew that this time around, I wouldn't make that mistake.

      I'd never given much thought into an all natural skincare routine. I was always under the impression that harsh chemicals beat acne. Honestly, Proactiv and similar companies have totally brainwashed us all into thinking that. Earlier this year I honestly had nothing to lose, my skin was in a state of emergency and I was willing to give natural products a chance.

      The Olive Branch, a local organic food and supplement store, has seriously changed my life. I know what you might be thinking, and no no no they did not sponsor, give me anything for free (I wish) or even know about me making this post. I explained all the fuss that was going on with my face. Fortunately my skin was extra reactive my first visit, so the lucky sales lady got to witness me at my worst. Bada Bing, Bada Boom. The rest was up to me.
      With any new lifestyle change comes a transition period. I knew if I were to see any results I'd need to stick with it for at least two months. Now, more than four months later, I can say that this is the best thing I have ever done for my skin. Not only do I feel more confident, my makeup applies so much better, and I just look more alive and healthy.

My step by step night time skincare routine,

1. First I take off my makeup using virgin, organic coconut oil. This is no new trend in the beauty community. Loads of woman have been doing this for years, and some swear by coconut oil as a moisturizer as well. I've used 5 different brands and they are pretty much all the same. Buy whatever works for you. 

Keep trying... It can feel a little gross before you get used to it. I swear to you, it gets even the most waterproof of makeup off your face and eyes. Yes, safe to rub over your eyes. No temporary blindness like some eye makeup removers tend to let happen. 

There's a but.....Coconut oil will clog your drains! It's best to wipe it off with a damp towel or makeup wipe before that final rinse.

2. Next comes my cleanser, er, my honey. Raw, unpasteurized honey that is. Yes friends, this stuff is the most important part of my skincare routine. If I skip even one night, I notice a huge difference. I apply this by scooping out a small, tablespoon amount, putting it in my hands and adding one to two drops of warm water.

3. I apply it to a dry face. Adding a few drops of water works a nice paste like consistency to it. Without the added water, it would be extremely draggy across your skin.  I allow the honey to sit on my face for 5 to 10 minutes, whatever I have time for. I find by letting it sit, my skin becomes clearer, brighter, and feels more moisturized.


4. About two or three nights a week I exfoliate using my favorite scrub by Now Foods. It's gentle, infused with vitamin C and is paraben free. If I'm really needing a good scrub, I use it with my Olay cleansing brush. Any cleansing brush will do, and there are so many options to fit any budget! I feel like a cleansing brush is a must in anyone's skincare routine.

Cleansing Brushes with great reviews to meet any budget

$12 , $12.99 , $14.99 , $27 (I use this one) , $37 , $50 , $55 , $87 , $97 , $99 , $150

5. After I exfoliate, or a day I only use honey, I rinse and pat dry with a clean towel.

6. I follow up with my Boots Botanics Rose Water toning spritz. This is a product I constantly keep coming back to and one that I swear by. It's not only super soothing, but it smells amazing!

7. After my toner has soaked into my skin, I follow up with a nighttime moisturizer. These usually contain a calming oil, such as chamomile or lavender. I've been loving the Acure Night Cream.

8. I typically wait about 5 minutes, though in the summer, my moisturizer takes a little longer to really soak in.

9. Next comes my absolute favorite part of my skincare routine. Facial Oil. There's a reason I'm making the my precious face at this Boots Botanics Facial Oil with nourishing rosehip seed oil. The magic this stuff does to your skin simply cannot be described in a blog post. It's a feeling, an experience. I first heard about it from my girl Stephanie. She and I couldn't be more different in the skin department, yet we are both obsessed. See her review of it here.

10, 11, & 12 are all the spots I like to apply my facial oil. I don't find it necessary to apply all over, just in the spots that need some extra TLC.

13. The last part of my skincare routine is to simply stay hydrated. Easy as that. On a typical day, I drink the minimum of 80 oz. of water. Want to see immediate over night results? Just drink water friends, your skin NEEDS it!

      The left photo is one I never shared here on According to Kiki. Taken back in June, when my skin was at a crazy point, I knew something needed to be done. You can physically see dryness, acne, and just an over all unevenness to it. I remember snapping this photo and feeling terrible about myself yet having to go into work anyway. I mean, my skin looked that bad with makeup on...

      The photo on the right is from Saturday. No makeup me. The me I should be. Confident, happy, without a cake face of makeup hiding skin troubles. In all honestly I love makeup, don't expect me to kick that habit anytime soon. But my skin has visibly changed in only a few short months. I don't worry about someone staring at my makeup flaking off of my skin, because that no longer happens. I don't worry about waking up with a mess of pimples because this process works! Makeup is supposed to enhance what you already have, not hide pesky skin issues you could be making worse. The proof is in the photos!

Have you ever tried a natural approach to your skincare routine?
What things are you doing?
Any advice for me?

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