November 30, 2015

      I'm looking at you tantrums. Yea, you. My mom warned me about you. She told me all your tricks and how you sneak up on the most unsuspecting victims. She told me how I'll one day put my bubbly baby down for bed and wake up to an emotionally confused screaming toddler. Yes tantrums, I see you, and you know what? I got this! 

      Tantrums. Those inevitable emotional highs and lows our toddlers experience. Perhaps it's too little sleep, too much sleep, too little Elsa, or absolutely nothing at all. Truth is, there's simply no avoiding it. Our first little tantrum came in the form of a frustrated little girl who just wanted to watch Elsa. Who angrily ate her chicken sandwich for dinner and slammed it back onto the plate with tude. It was actually all too comical to take serious. I know, shame on us for laughing, but honestly, you just had to be there.
      Clearly we're newbies. In fact, we're so far away from the full blown tantrums it's scary, but I'd like to share Joshua and I's so far tips we've used to avoid or prolong tantrums. So in six months I can look back at this post and die of laughter at the hands of my own words.

or how to prolong them...

1) If it looks like a ball, it's probably not a ball - No, it's probably something expensive or made of glass. Christmas ornaments can be mistaken as "balls." Perhaps your toddler makes this understandable mistake and decides to throw said "ball." Clearly you can't yell at them. After all, your pediatrician asked at your last appointment if they tried to throw a ball yet. At least they're tackling milestones, right?

2) All well that sleeps well - When in doubt nap it out. How did the smiley toddler who woke in the morning simply laying in bed gigging at her stuffed animals, become the same toddler who's hours later sitting in the middle of the floor, screaming because Princess Anna's song was over? Suddenly screaming because a fork isn't a spoon? It's probably nap time.

3) Distractions - Ours seems to be patty cake. I am that brave mom that goes into Target just the no-napped toddler and I. She starts to get antsy. Totally understandable, me in Target is one giant distraction waiting to- oh look, a butterfly....... Uh, anyway. Singing seems to postpone those very public melt downs. Especially songs that require clapping, stomping, and groovy dance moves. Children thrive on adult embarrassment. You might see me as a social media meme one day.

4) Make it a game - Joshua and I are more than guilty of playing a good old game of reverse psychology on our one and a half year old. We find using phrases such as "Don't you put all those clothes back in your drawer," work to our advantage. Simply yelling results in an impromptu battle of who can scream the loudest.

5) There are worse things - When all else fails and you are laying on your back in a pile of Golden Books, being jumped on like a horse by 20 lbs of sleepless emotional tot, remember this, there are worse things. If the worst part of your day was having your earring ripped out, or finding waffle stuffed in the Blue Ray player, you survived and will continue to survive because you my fellow mom friend, are awesome. YOU GOT DIS!

This was all in pure fun. Not meant to be taken serious by any means. She usually doesn't throw glass or other dangerous objects at us. (; Can't wait to see what the next six months holds. 

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