November 12, 2015

      Let's face it, this gal already has bold brows. My entire life I've had bushy eye brows. Most likely from the middle school horror of seeing every other girl pluck their brows away. We all remember, and may even be guilty of the barely there brow era. No judging, I promise.

      Trends change, and hair grows back. Most likely if you were an over plucker, you've given your tweezers a rest in the last decade. It seems like now, the bushier the better. My bushy browed self is far from upset about that.

Let em grow.... let em grow....

      I mean maybe it's because we watch frozen three times a day and Elsa is always on my mind in some way shape or form, but for real ladies, bushier is better. LET EM GROW! Beauties like Lily Collins and Cara Delevingne are poster children for this trend that should have taken off long ago. Now I'm not on a level of these lovely ladies. I mean, they take brow power to the next level, but since their faces blew up in the social world and essentially, "brought brows back," I have been totally accepting ever since.

Today's FOTD: Bold Brows 

Eyes: Fergie Take on the Day Primer , Makeup Geek Vanilla Bean , Wet n' Wild Mega Liner , Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara , Vegas Nay Classic Charm Lashes , NYX Automatic Eye brow pencil in Taupe

Face: Japonesque Velvet Touch Primer , Boots No7 Beautifully Matte Foundation , L'Oreal Visible Lift Blur Concealer , Sephora Tranquil Blush

Lips: ColourPop Lumiere

      I wanted to be super subtle today and let the brows do all the talking. Says the girl who slapped on dramatic lashes.... Owning a bold brow is a bit difficult when you use taupe as an every day fill in color. Purchasing a darker shade for the prompt was just out of the questions, so I stuck to what I know best, oh and over did it just a tad more than I'd typically do.

What's your favorite brow product? 
Go see what Jaelan & Miranda came up with today! 

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