November 17, 2015

      Picture this: It's November. By default, and the fact that you live in Ohio, there should be a foot of snow on the ground and you should be wearing six sweaters to stay warm. Instead, you're pleasantly surprised by 60 degree weather and sunshine. You wake on a Monday morning feeling oddly refreshed and get ready in record time. You open your windows, appreciating the smells and feel of a "warm" November morning. The birds are chirping, which your toddler mimics and you give yourself a little pat on the back because she is so smart. Oh and you're running early. A nice alternative from your typical Monday morning antics. All is well until you hear a very unsettled "Mom," behind you. You turn just in time to see your frantic toddler vomit for the very first time all over the coat you just washed the night before. Hello Monday.

      We experienced our first real sick day yesterday. Sure we've had our fair share of colds here and there, but nothing in the realm of spew-city. Indeed it was an interesting way to start out the morning let alone, the week.

      Like all life happenings, this brought about a new set of lessons. Each day is a new experience, and let me be the first to admit we barely have the knowledge to say we are doing all the right things. Have you ever tried to catch vomit in your bare hands? Yeah, I don't advise it. Have you ever stood in the medicine isle reading box after box with the dumbest expression on your face? Seriously why are there 150+ different kinds of medicine for the sniffles? It's enough to make even the most level headed parent lose it. The truth is, no one can tell you how to care for your little one when they are feeling less than their best. Honestly posts like "the best thing to do for your sick baby" sort of irk me. Don't get me wrong, advice is always much appreciated, but as in anything it can only get you so far. The best way to get through the rough "sick days," is to listen to your child, and listen to each other.

      Here's how we survived our own "sick day," but it may not be the best way to battle it out with your own kiddo. Again, just the things that worked for Miss Pen. Be calm mama's, for sick days never last!

1) Magic Pop - When I told Pen to drink pop, her sick little self perked right up. Magic Pop, a.k.a half Ginger Ale, half water was just the tummy settler we needed. This is something my parents and my grandparents have been doing for decades.

2) Essential Oil - I find this is simply relaxing. I rub a small about of lavender or eucalyptus on the bottoms of her feet and behind her ears. I mean who doesn't find those scents relaxing? They are lovely in a nice, warm bath as well. However, ALWAYS do a spot test on anyone when using essential oils.

3) Elsa - I owe a lot to the Queen of Arendelle, but I really owe her for yesterday. We ended the day on a good note because "the cold never bothered," us anyway.

4) Toast- Fever or no fever. Puke or no puke, the best way to tackle the unsettled tummy time has always been, for me, toast. A good loaf was harmed in the making of this post.

5) Cuddly things - You could argue with me, but comfy pjs and fluffy blankies are the most important cold/ flu essential. Oh and dont forget those slipper socks (my favorite).

      Do you do any of these things when you or your little one are sick?
How do you beat the bug? 

In case you were wondering, we were blessed and this was a 24 hour thing. Pen is almost back to her cheery, chipper self today. 

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