October 26, 2015

      My Monday blues are in full swing today. We had such a fabulous weekend, and like every other one before it, you blink and it's gone. Like all good weekends, it was full of laughs, family, and my favorite, food. Only 4 more days until next weekend, but who's counting?

Table Six Kitchen & Bar
Pretzel Board appetizer

      Joshua and I started out the weekend right with a much deserved date night. We'd both been dying to check out a local spot that's been getting lots of buzz lately. It's upbeat and different way of doing things left us skeptical, but we will for sure be returning.

      Call me a sheltered Ohioan, but this place brought a few new ideas to the table in terms of a dining experience. Literally. Food comes out as it's ready. That's right, if your spouse orders a burger and you a salad, chances are you'll be eating before your date even gets their food. We were warned of this, and ordered two appetizers to share. Speaking of share, that's the main trend going on here. Almost everything on the menu is made to be shared. Think girls night with apps and cocktails. It was a total different experience, but an amazing one at that!

      Saturday we kept it pretty low key. Lots of grocery shopping and hanging with my sister. In the evening, we got together as a family to celebrate my dad and brother's birthday. It was a no makeup, dirty hair kind of Saturday.

      In a total last minute decision, Joshua wanted to go up to the Akron Zoo for their Boo at the Zoo event. The tickets were cheap and the weather was amazing. Penelope obviously had her costume planned out for a while now,. She's totally obsessed with zebras so the choice was all too obvious. Joshua's mom tagged along with us.

      Joshua and I hadn't planned on dressing up, but when he suggested it, I couldn't let him go at it alone. What kind of fiance would I be?! My Minnie costume was actually handmade by my aunt back when I was a freshman in high school! Yes, like over a decade ago! My aunt lost her battle with fibrosis of the lungs in 2010, an illness she dealt with for more than 7 years. I miss her very much, and to this day I feel her with me. Wearing the costume she made for me felt so wonderful. Not to mention, um hello it fits me after having a baby!  Let me just pat myself on the back for that.

      Much to my surprise, Miss P was really into the trick or treating. Throughout the zoo were stations with people dressed up passing out candy. Not just candy, there were unsalted pretzels too which made my inner mom give a little yay. She actually held her own bucket for much of the afternoon. Fortunately, the Akron Zoo is what I like to call toddler friendly. It's small, but not disappointing. You see lots of animals, experience beautiful displays, but can get it all done in just a few hours. It's perfect for younger kids that don't last very long. She was a complete angel!

How was your weekend?
What are your little one's being for Halloween?
What are going to be for Halloween?

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