October 12, 2015

      If you follow me on Snapchat (According2Kiki), you saw much of our fun filled weekend. We couldn't have asked for more perfect weather, and honestly, it was one of the best weekends I've had in a good while.

      Saturday morning I did a little errand running. The typical weekly Target run for exciting things like toilet bowl cleaner, toothpaste, and shampoo. I tried on a few tops, but only went home with a basic Mossimo Long sleeved tee.  The real highlight of my Target run, was my beverage. I strolled over to the Target Starbucks and was surprisingly the only one in line. I had a craving for pumpkin, a craving for chai, I expressed my indecisiveness with the barista. She asked if she could make me something they created there and I was having such an excellent morning that as long as it had a fair amount of caffeine in it, I was game. She handed me an Oprah Cinnamon Chai with two pumps of pumpkin and apple juice instead of milk. Holy crap. Hands down the BEST drink I've ever had from Starbucks!

      Around noon, we headed out to a pumpkin patch and farm about a half hours drive. We dressed like it was December and were slowly peeling the layers off ourselves as the afternoon progressed. The sun was bright, and kept us super warm, but the crisp air and smell of hay, kept that fall feeling going. 

      Joshua may kill me for sharing this, but how could I keep that face to myself? My mom captured this perfectly timed shot of Joshua and Pen coming down the "slides" for the first time. My brother, waited his turn at the top. We spent what felt like forever running up and down the created slides and Pen loved every moment of it. The kid is fearless! 

      The pumpkin patch wasn't just a place for kiddos, and Joshua and I were pure examples of that. What happens when two uncoordinated young adults climb aboard a hamster wheel? Let's just say this is the before photo. The after was a little more embarrassing than I like to share on here, but it was a good time. Hint: I was laying at the bottom. 

      We spent some quality time together riding on the hay ride, and getting lost in the corn maze. I'm convinced I wouldn't get anywhere without GPS. I couldn't navigate that "map" to save my life. Oh what society has done to us.... 

      There were a few animals to see as well. Goats, bunnies, chicks. Penny had a fun time feeding the goats with my mom as I played photographer in the back. Thank you Mr. Goat for not taking a finger from my toddler. 

      It's inevitable that we wrapped up the day's festivities with an impromptu photo shoot among the pumpkins. Although Pen thought it was ok to lick every pumpkin you put her near, (kids, I swear) we managed to get quite a few adorable shots in. 

2014, 2015

      Watching her run, and be genuinely excited to play at the pumpkin patch and farm was such an amazing feeling. Of course my cry-baby mom self had to dig up last year's pumpkin patch photo from when she was just a wee 7 months old. It's insane how much has changed in only a year. Though that same sweet smile continues to capture my heart. 
      Her curiosity astounds me. She loves to point at things, to watch what the bigger kids are doing. She loved picking up every bit of grass, dirt, and rocks she could get her hands on, just to examine it more closely. To think of how she will be a year from now is such an exciting thought. 

I hope you all enjoyed this snip-it of our weekend! Tell me what you guys did below! 

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