October 05, 2015

      Something tells me it's going to be a LOOONNNGGG week. Perhaps over sleeping and my phone deciding to mysteriously shut off in the middle of the night last night is evidence of this theory.  I was an hour late to work by the time I got myself and Penny ready. All I can say is, get me to Friday. This week isn't looking too promising.

      The best way to beat the Monday blues is to look back and be thankful of your weekend. We had an amazing weekend,  jam packed with things to do. I hope everyone reading had an equally excellent weekend and hope this work week flies for you as well.

      We began our Saturday mid morning, bundled up and pretending it was November. Thankfully by mid afternoon, the rain and wind cut us some slack, but it was a chilly day at the Atwood Fall Festival.

      I've been coming to this fall festival for about ten years now. It's nothing special. Cute crafts, delicious food, and even better memories. Perhaps it's all that nostalgia that keeps us coming back? Or maybe the deep fried Oreo?

sis, mom, me

      And some super cute photo opts. Because, why not? 

      Sunday afternoon, Pen and I were invited to a friend's bridal shower. It was held at a former home for the blind turned museum. I had personally never been there, but was familiar with the historical background of the house. Everything was beautiful. From the Victorian vibes of the home, to the lovely decorations provided by the bride and her family. 

      Pen and I used the homes exterior for some photos. Sunday was the polar opposite of Saturday in terms of weather. It was warm, sunny, and all around beautiful. Welcome to Ohio. 

      If you follow me on Instagram , you saw me post this amazing Po Boy sandwich yesterday. After the bridal shower, Joshua, Penny and I headed up to Cleveland with his parents to see Marvel Universe Live. Before the show, we stopped at Harry Buffalo, a Cleveland wing spot. 

Pen at the restaurant. 

       Joshua is a total Marvel and D.C. nerd, so I'm not sure who exactly we went for, Penny or him? Pen was actually way more into it than I thought she'd be. She clapped, pointed, and smiled the entire time. 

      Reflecting on our weekend really helps me to kick these nasty Monday blues away. With some double shot pumpkin spice coffee, and a little motivation, I can get through this day! Have a great week guys! 

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