October 19, 2015

      Crock pots, slow cookers, whatever you call them, they're such fantastic contraptions. I get really lazy in the fall and winter. Which I'm sure a lot of you have noticed due to my lack of food and recipe posts lately. (I'm working on it). This is simply due to the fact that I'm flat out lazy and it's almost dark when I get home. My brain goes rogue and 5 PM, feels like 10 PM. Having dinner essentially done when I get home, makes our lives easier.

      Every October, my family has what we've started to call, a "crock pot party." With my cousin's birthday in September, and my dad and brother's in October, it's an excuse to get together and pig out. I look forward to this feast every fall and certainly wasn't disappointed with some great new additions to the line up.

1) My mom's Crock Pot Potato soup, is a tradition. See the recipe here from last year's crock pot party.

2) Chicken Tortilla Soup, my Aunt's contribution. Find a similar recipe here. This was an interesting take on tortilla soup. She cut up soft tortilla shells and as they cooked, they turned into dumpling- like noodles. Add a little cheese and crispy tortilla stripes, and this is delicious!

3) Cheeseburger Soup - We decided to try something new this year. Let me start by saying I chose pork sausage for this "cheeseburger" soup. I know, I know. I'm really confusing, but I swear it came down to a thawing error on my part. When eating it, you actually had no idea it was pork and not some burgery meat.

My exact recipe:
3 cups water (though I recommend 2)
1 bag hash browns
1 can evaporated milk
1 block velveta cheese
Browned meat (we used sausage) 
2 diced onions
2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
Salt, Pepper, to taste

Literally combine, stir, cook on low in your crock pot for 5-6 hours.

forgive the sniffles 

      If you're in the North Eastern part of the US, you probably experienced cooler than the norm temps over the weekend. In fact, on our way to my aunts, it was snowing. Yes, snowflakes. Of course not enough to stick. I risk sounding really old saying this, but the "Earth is still too warm."

         Penelope enjoyed my aunt and uncles yard. Their home sits on lots of land and she just loved running her heart out. Her coat and 5 layers of clothing made her a bit top heavy, so she fell on more than a few occasions. If you follow me on Snapchat ( According2Kiki ) you saw her take a few tumbles, laughing every second of it.

      And there was jumping, lots of jumping. Pen even tried to mimic my brother's raking skills. My brother turns 14 years old today. Just when I needed another excuse to feel ancient. I swear I remember exactly how he looked the day he was born. I love having a little brother, even when he's a stinker of a teenager.

      We spent Saturday, as well as the rest of the weekend, eating. When the temps spiral down into the 30's, what else better is there to do?

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! 

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