October 08, 2015

      Pumpkin Spice is surely taking over the world, and we're all mindless consumer pawns in it's plan to warm our souls with pumpkin, cinnamon goodness. When I think about the amount of Pumpkin spice I have consumed already this year, whether it be in the form of lattes or Oreo, I feel no shame. It's delicious. If that makes me a walking basic girl nightmare, then sorry not sorry.

      You best believe when the prompts were released for the October Makeup Mix Up (click link for full list of prompts), Pumpkin Spice was the one I was most excited for. Not only was it a day to pay homage to the flavor of all flavors, but it was a way to play with some of my favorite ColourPop goodies!

Check out the O.G. Makeup Mixers, Miranda & Jaelan for more makeup challenge inspiration!

Today's FOTD: Pumpkin Spice

In order of application,

sorry for the giant, disturbing shot of my eye ball

      I've been a fan of ColourPop products for months now. Though beautiful, they aren't my go to type of shadow and let's face it, my Carli Bybel palette has been hogging all of the attention lately. I picked up Flipper in my first ColourPop haul. While beautiful, I just didn't have the urge to rock a peachy lid at the time, so I tossed it into my drawer. In fact, this look is probably the second time I've worn this particular shadow. Now that all things orange, and warm are everywhere, I think this color will make many more appearances.

      Strength, Glow, and Kathleen Lights are all collaboration colors with YouTubers I adore. The quads retail for $20 and are worth every penny. I loved how they complimented flipper.

      Remember when I said you probably wouldn't see me rocking falsies all the time? Call me Pinocchio, because I am freaking hooked! These Vegas Nay lashes are the perfect finishing touch for a bold eye look. I've already purchased a back up, I'm obsessed!

"I never met a pumpkin I didn't like." 

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