September 08, 2015


      As we approach the last bits of Summer, most of us flip that neon to neutral switch as soon as Starbucks unveils Pumpkin spice. To wrap up all those summer memories, I thought I'd talk a little about all the wonderful shades of summer. Summer nails that is. What is it about a fresh, bright colored manicure to make you feel like a sun kissed mermaid brushing her hair with a dinglehopper?

    L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Polish in Butterfly Kisses - If you've been a blog reader or Instagram follower, you've seen this shade at least once a week. No matter how many times I try out another shade, I constantly keep coming back to this. Fall shades aside, I feel like this will be made into an all year color. If it's shade doesn't blow you away, then it's superior quality and price tag sure will!

      Michael Kors Nail Varnish in Whisper - I purchased this shade on a whim while browsing through Nordstrom Rack . I'd never owned a Michael Kors polish and in my past experiences, designer labels on nail polishes don't make them automatically amazing. (psst, they usually suck). I was more than shocked when this beat all expectations. It was opaque, creamy, and durable. I was suckered in by the lilac shade, but the quality hooked me. Since this is the only Michael Kors polish I've ever purchased, I can't say if they are all great, but if you stumble upon Whisper, I'd pick it up!

      Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Get Mod - Every girl needs a white polish in her collection. What was once considered "white out nails" (Joshua still calls them that) is now one of the biggest nail trends to grace Pinterest. I for one, am not complaining. Something about a perfect opaque white really makes you look clean, and put together. I have purchased a handful of shades over the years, but this one is by far the easiest to work with. If you've ever used a Sally Hansen polish, you know they are known for their wide, flat brush. Just one stroke and BAM your nail is covered.

      Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Sugar Fix - Months ago, I saw my girl Stephanie rock this lovely blue and I knew I had to have it. Low and behold the day my obsession for this shade began. Not only is it one of the most stunning shades of blue I've ever seen, it's blue, so technically I can wear it all winter long and be seasonally appropriate!

     Orly Polish in Fancy Fuchsia - Confession time: Orly is by far my favorite nail polish brand. The no slip bottle handle was just the most genius idea ever, and my clumsy self is forever grateful. I purchased this color years ago when it first came out and have been milking the bottle ever sense. At one time I wanted to purchase a back up and couldn't find the shade anywhere. Why companies hiatus some of their best shades is totally beyond my understanding. However, Fancy Fuchsia is back in black! A black lid that is, courtesy of the new Orly revamp in the last year or so. This is my absolute favorite toe color!

      Butter London Nail Lacquer in Teddy Girl - Seeing as this is my THIRD bottle and the only bottle of nail polish I've ever finished, I'd say it's far worth the high-ish price tag. A very close second is OPI's Mod about you if you aren't looking to spend $15 on one nail polish. I however, prefer the quality of the Butter London shade. A beautiful bubble gum pink is perfect for spring and summer and this has been a fan favorite of mine for years. I have tried other Butter London shades and some are misses. Some seem to have a "meh" formula to them that I'd never recommend to anyone. This shade though is brilliant!

What are your Summer nail favorites?

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