September 01, 2015

Hello to the September issues, the fashion weeks... and all the other amazing fashion events that come along with you!


      Try as I might, I wanted August to be full of great content and lots of style challenges. I'm pulling the sick card for the last week of the month, but the rest, yea, my bad. I sort of gave up on style challenges. I can't seem to keep up with my wardrobe lately and thankfully it's from losing a mess of weight so picking the lesser of the evils, I'll take the awkward closet transition. I still plan on participating in a few style challenges for the month of September, but they'll probably be strictly instagram.

      September brings with it some new and exciting opportunities at work. These next few weeks are going to be slammed for me, so the posts you'll see coming up were carefully pre-written because I knew time would be limited and I hate going long periods of time without updating this thing. Hang in there guys, I'll try not to slack!

      Today we welcome my very favorite month of the year, September. Cars have a bit of frost on them in the morning, and the evenings require sweatshirts. September is just perfection when it comes to these crazy emotional Ohio seasons. Though there are a few more things that make this month simply wonderful.

      Four years ago today I had no idea that in less than a week I'd meet the man of my dreams, the father of my child, and my very best friend. Joshua and I met September 2011, in case I needed another reason to love this month even more. I see a very nice date in our future.

      Besides celebrating our relationship, family, and the intro to another season, we are super excited about quite a few new movies hitting the big screen very soon. More to come on that. Spoiler alert: Joshua and I are HUGE nerds. (; We also plan on completing a list I made of some new local restaurants to try. If you've read According to Kiki for a while, you know we're big on eating local. I am excited to share this month with all my lovely friends here in the blog world! May your month be full of exciting things and food! Because let's face it, we're all dying to dust off our crock pots. (;

What are your plans for the month of September?

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