September 14, 2015

     If you ask Joshua what my favorite food as of right now is, he will flat out tell you chile rellenos. I con him into going to every authentic Mexican joint in town trying to find who makes the best version of the beloved pepper.

      For those that don't know, a chile relleno is a poblano pepper stuffed with cheese. Sounds pretty standard right? WRONG! The pepper is then rolled into this magical egg/breading concoction and grilled to melty perfection. I'm foaming at the mouth trying to think of a way I can trick Joshua into eating them again this week.

      As much as we love to dine out, it's just not necessary to do all.the.time. I am more than guilty of being the one in the relationship who throws in the towel come dinner time because I'm "too tired" to cook. It took me all too long to ask myself why I hadn't tried making these at home.

      In the unfortunate event that our apartment has an electric stove, and we currently lack a grill, I tried to recreate my love for the chile relleno in casserole form. After all, the fam knows I'm Queen of the Casseroles.

What you need:

      1 Poblano pepper (more if making for a large group)

      1 Queso Fresco Mexican style fresh white cheese

      5 Egg whites

      Almond milk, flour 

      Ground turkey or hamburger (optional) 



      Never has there been an easier way to get all the flavor of a chile relleno into one dish. I was so excited to try this, but even more excited when it turned out to be a new favorite meal. 

      I began by chopping up 1 poblano pepper. In my opinion, these are not the slightest bit spicy, but if you are sensitive to spice, opt for green chiles. Next, I browned half a pound of ground turkey in a skillet and added your average taco seasonings. (Cumin, chili powder, salt, pepper, etc.) You don't need a lot of meat for this meal and it actually isn't required. Most chile rellenos are only stuffed with white cheese. Adding the meat made it a little more filling and dare I say "manly." 

      In a large mixing bowl, I combined the meat, poblano peppers, and my crumbled white queso fresco cheese. This cheese crumbles much like feta, and can be easily done by hand. 

      Once all my ingredients were mixed, I placed them into a metal, square, baking pan. Remember to spray it first! I forgot and clean up was a nightmare!

      In a small bowl, I whisked together 5 egg whites, almond milk, and a tad of flour. This replicates the mixture that chile rellenos are dipped in before they are grilled. Once the mixture was smooth and free of lumps, I poured it over the mixture in my baking pan. Into the oven it went on 400 for about 40 minutes. 

      I cut the finished project into little squares and shamelessly devoured 4 of them. #SorryNotSorry. This was an excellent meal and one I know we'll have again and again. Joshua did inform me that they do not reheat the best. He's always taking leftovers to work. Keep that in mind if you are planning to make this for a small family. All ingredients can be condensed to make smaller portions. Start with small amounts and add!


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