September 11, 2015


     There comes moment in every parent's life they realize they have indeed passed the baby phase and toddler phase is creeping up on them. I'm not sure what sort of monumental deal this is for some, but for us, it sort of just happened one day complete with a comical story to accompany it.

       On a typical day I wake up around 5 am for my morning "me time." This includes coffee, showering, and lots of YouTube. Very rarely does Penelope wake up before seven which makes getting ready for work a breeze. Which was no different on this particular morning.

      Following my every day morning routine, which ended a few minutes before normal, I figured I'd start to wake Pen up and get a earlier jump on our day. On this particular day though, she was already awake and greeted me with a devilish grin. It was then I noticed her diaper sitting on top of her music player attached to the side of her crib. Here we go, I thought to myself. The taking my own diaper off stage has indeed begun. On that particular night it was a little warm, so I put her to bed in one of her over sized Myrtle Beach t shirts. She sat there grinning in her t shirt, bedding beneath her soaked. I expected that much and figured I'd strip the bed once she was cleaned off.

       She was clean, dressed, and we were running a little behind, I figured I'd strip her bed real quick. It's always easier just to take her entire mattress out of her crib. Her crib sheet is constantly getting snagged on the spokes that hold the mattress in place. As I hoisted the mattress from her crib, I got a little something more than I bargained for. There on the wall, just beneath where the mattress would typically cover up, was a nice little poo surprise stuck to the wall. It took a few double takes to truly process there was in fact, a decent size BM just "stuck" to the wall. Perfectly centered between the rails of her very WHITE crib. There was no poo on her hands, her crib, her bedding, and honestly the mystery of how it got there in the first place is still weighing on my mind. My emotions were all over the place at that point, though I'm proud I didn't react in a way one would expect. I really kept my cool.

      Since the day of the poo, baby girl has gone to bed with pants on. Our apartment stays pretty cool, especially at night. If her pajama bottoms keep her from flinging things onto her walls, well then that's what we will have to stick with. Ha, stick... 

      What was the point of this little story other than to put a smile on your face? I promise no part of me intended to gross you out, and hopefully those easily grossed out were repulsed by the title and never got here in the first place. My point is we all know life is short, yet we realize less that moments are even shorter. As a mom of a one year old I find myself in many situations where I'm beyond frustrated. Whether she's refusing dinner, throwing things all over the floor, playing in the toilet, eating mysterious things off the ground, it does and will get stressful sometimes. In those moments where all we want to do is scream into a pillow and pull our own hair out, we need to remind ourselves that these moments will be gone in the blink of an eye. One day she'll grow up, leave us, and I'll look back at the day I found poo on her wall and die laughing and feel silly for ever being frustrated with her.  Remember fellow mommies, it's totally ok to get frustrated. Sometimes situations can get more than a rise out of us. Take a few breaths and remind yourself in a few years these moments, good or bad will be memories and time indeed goes entirely too fast. 

I hope each and every one of you have a fantastic weekend!

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