September 28, 2015

      Hello my blog friends! Another weekend under our belt and the first officially fall weekend. I don't know about you, but our weather was diffident evidence that fall has officially arrived! I'm hoping this week goes really fast because I've got some fun things happening next weekend! Here's what we did last weekend along with some fun stories of our adventures. Enjoy and try not to make fun of me too much.

      Saturday morning began around 8. To some, sleeping til 8 is nothing. To us, it feels like sleeping until noon. Joshua hadn't had a weekend off since before we went on vacation. So this low key weekend was that much more enjoyable.

      We had some errands and grocery shopping to do. First stop, of course, Target. While waiting on my delicious black, Pumpkin Spice coffee, Joshua and Pen had some fun trying on masks at the dollar spot. We didn't need much, some diapers, lotion, etc. There were a few great Cartwheel deals going on too. 

      We were beat after grocery shopping. We're getting into the very beginning of the tantrum phase and they seem to get the worst when she's tired. I mean, we all get a little grouchy when we're sleepy right? We headed home for Pen's nap and I made a few freezer meals. (Getting back into that, more to come later).

the Mighty Macaroni Melt

       Melt Bar and Grilled has been a spot I've visited over five years now! With what was once a one location, ten tables joint, has now escalated into six restaurants! Back in July, Joshua and I stopped here on our way to the Sam Smith concert. We took some typical Instagram shots and the restaurant noticed. They asked to use my photo on their page and gave us a $25 gift card as a thank you. The perfect excuse to make the 40 minute drive and meet up with a few out of town friends. This local chain has been getting lots of buzz. They've been featured on Food Network's Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives and the Travel channel's Man V. Food. It's cool to see a place you go all the time, recognized on national television.

      If you follow me on Snapchat: According2Kiki, you saw that we then made our way over to a huge candy factory just outside of Cleveland. Literally any candy you could think of they had. Bug candy? Why of course. I'm not a big candy person, Joshua managed to snag some sweet things though.

      We finished our Saturday adventures dropping by a mall in Cleveland. We practically had to drag Pen out of this toy store! Santa, take note, Pen wants one of these tents for her bedroom. (; 

      Sunday morning we got all dolled up to visit Joshua's Grandma to wish her a Happy 77th Birthday! We had breakfast, and enjoyed the company and weather before it started to rain in the afternoon. 

how ridic is this hat??

      The remainder of our day was spent running errands, Christmas shopping (yes, already) as well as purchasing a few new tops for myself. Our weekend seemed to be going great. Low key, family time, what could go wrong? 

      Sunday night is typically left overs night. I had made a pasta dish earlier in the week that Joshua didn't care for. He had pizza and I threw some of the pasta, sun dried tomatoes, and cheese in the oven to bake. For what ever reason, Pen and I were sitting on the kitchen floor next to the oven reading a book while I waited on my food. A flicker caught my eye and my heart stopped. Fire. There was fire in the oven. I grabbed our fire extinguisher, threw it at Joshua, grabbed Pen and stood in the doorway. Of course he laughed hysterically as he extinguished my dinner. Our entire apartment was full of smoke, every alarm in the building seemed to be going off and Pen was terrified and probably confused why Joshua and I were laughing so hard. After he managed to silence the dreadful beeping, he joined us outside and proceeded to send Snapchat videos to everyone we knew. What had happened was the drippings that collect at the bottom of the oven had caught on fire, NOT my food. I mean, who knew you were supposed to clean your oven?? It was quite a night. Joshua left to get something to drink and brought me sushi to make me feel better. You can best believe I'll never live it down. Clean your ovens kids!!!!

How was your weekend?
Did you set anything on fire?

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