September 22, 2015

    Dear Summer,

      Today I woke up to a 19 month old. As I got her dressed she looked at me, the cheesiest smile across her face, and said "Ah wuv ah." Which in Penny language, translates to I love you. Sure she's been able to say it for about a month now, but it was all about the timing I guess. She knew to say it, and may have actually understood what she was saying. Summer, where did you go? 

      As I drove to work this morning, sipping my coffee with pumpkin spice creamer, I started to miss you. Instead of air conditioning on my morning commute, I needed the defroster. Instead of sandals, I wore flats. Rather than a short sleeved top, I needed a light jacket. Heck, at one point I wished I'd grabbed my blanket scarf. 

      Tomorrow, fall begins. I know you'll be back. You always come back. You always sneak up on me like every other season and I welcome you with open arms. I know that the next time we meet I'll be older, wiser than I am now. You'll most likely have an entire new list of lessons you think I should learn, and experiences I should be a part of. Thank you for the memories you've blessed me with this year. 

Until we meet again, 

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