August 25, 2015

      My entire life I've been an avid animal lover. Whether it was rescuing snakes, birds, or bugs, I've always been that kid. My parents could tell you loads of stories of me sneaking kittens into our home, thinking they'd never notice. To this day I still have the soft spot for animals and am happy to have found someone who shares that passion with me.

      I noticed quite a few comments saying "you have a tortoise?!" In this post I shared a few weeks ago. That's when it occurred to me that it's been ages since I've talked about my fur babies, and my not so furry baby on the blog.

      Meet Sammi, a something mixed with Maine Coon cat we found in the frigid winter of 2013. At the time I was pregnant and we already had a cat. The idea of having two cats around a baby was unsettling. At first she was strictly coming inside, staying in our guest bathroom, and we were letting her go once the Arctic temperature warnings subsided. Well, you can see how that went. I mean how could anyone resist that face?

      Snooki, (yes if you haven't figured out by now our cats are named after Jersey Shore cast members) is our crazy girl. She has a personality all her own. She can be mean, yet lovely and every emotion in between. Think those Sour Patch kids commercials and that's Snooki. Her favorite activities include chasing her sister and cuddling with me at bed time.

yes, sometimes we paint her nails. (; 

      Luna is a little Russian tortoise we call our baby. We've had her almost three years and she's been the best pet. Joshua's stepmom has a tortoise also (though MUCH larger) and occasionally we take Luna over there for some tortoise play dates. In many of my food posts, I rave about the fact that we waste very little produce. This is all due to Luna. Since we live in an apartment now, and don't have a compost, Luna happily gobbles up all those cooking scraps. Penelope loves watching her eat and she's really one of the easiest pets. A lot does come with caring for any pet, so it's always best to do your research first. However if dogs and cats aren't your cup of tea, perhaps a small tortoise is!

                                Luna on the left, Tango , Joshua's stepmom's tortoise on the right

I hope you enjoyed this peek into the lives of my animal friends! 
What kind of pets do you guys have?

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