August 13, 2015


      With all these style challenges I've been playing around with this month, I figured why not step even more outside my comfort zone and tag along to a makeup one? I first heard about the Makeup Mixup from the lovely Miranda over at the blog Miranda Writes. She was fun, yet chill and really drew me in with her super soft makeup looks. Not long after, I discovered Jaelan over at Making Mrs. M, who just happened to be co creator with Miranda for the Makeup Mixup.

      Since I had discovered both of them mid-way through their first Makeup Mixup, I figured I'd follow along and participate in the following month. I convinced my friend Stephanie from Stephanie Eva to follow along. Though it hardly took any arm twisting.

      Last week's prompt was Summer Lippy, I knew the L'Oreal Infallible lipstick in Enduring Berry would be perfect but I was a little "meh" with my photos so I kept it strictly Instagram. This week I had a little more time to prep and a little better camera angles. (;

that early morning light is lovely

      I figured I'd take the Highlight Spotlight prompt to be an excuse to hop on the strobing bandwagon. People say it's the new contour, and where I don't think it will ever replace contouring entirely, I do think it's a way to embrace that inner glow everyone wants.
      I think my skin is a tad too oily for the products I used to highlight my cheekbones. By mid afternoon I was really shiny and couldn't get to my powder and blotting paper fast enough. I think this trend would greatly benefit me if I were to find a high light more suited for my face. Suggestions welcome! 

~3PM shine

      In all honesty I don't think this look turned out bad. I was more impressed with myself this week than last. Whereas I do think my pale complexion benefits from a touch of contour, I don't think embracing my skin color looks bad either. Looks like I may be onto something. I love challenges that make you use what creativeness you have and force you into a place where you can discover new things! 

      Products used for the Makeup Mixup Prompt: (face only)

      L'Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Foundation- Remember in this post when I said I hated this stuff? Ok, ok, I may have had a change of heart and more on that real soon! 

      L'Oreal Light Infusing Primer- That's that cheek bone glow. 

      L'Oreal True Match Lumi Rose Highlighter

      Maybelline Fit me concealer
      Colour Pop Super shock shadow in Swan- Just a swipe over the light infusing primer.

      Wet n' Wild's Contour Palette in Caramel Toffee (highlight shade only)

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