August 19, 2015

      It's still a little shocking to believe anyone actually reads my blog. That anyone really cares about the food I'm making or finds my baby stories amusing. Never the less, this place I call my blog is always full of happy, positive people who just genuinely care. According to Kiki has really changed how I perceive the world and all it's craziness. To me, the world has become a bit smaller and connecting with people from all over has forced me to focus on the good. I was over the moon to be tagged in Bianca's new tag, Something Old, Something New over on her blog, Ditsy Sprinkles.

      I rarely partake in tags, mostly because I'm bad a prompt writing. I literally just have to have an idea and run with it. However when I saw myself tagged in something this original and easy, I knew I had to spread the love.

It's easy- peasy! 
♥ Thank the person that tagged you. 
♥ List 5 blogs you've followed for a long time. (Broke that rule haha)
♥ List 5 blogs you've recently discovered. 
♥ Tag your readers to join in on the fun!

      Bianca has been one of the sweetest blog friends I've made. She's got an eye for home decor and I feel as if she's just barely tapped into what potential she has to really be an amazing interior designer. Plus she has the cutest little dog! 

      If you've followed me for awhile, you can totally see my love for this gal. Like my sister from another mister Stephanie and I just seem to click. If you're into all things beauty, check her out! Girl knows her stuff! She also has a vlogging channel on YouTube and I dare you to make it through a video without laughing. 

      Amber is a stay at home mom and photography freelancer you're sure to fall in love with. She has a passion for simplicity and all things 1940's. What drew me into her blog was her passion for country fashion and ability to capture the beauty of the Australian countryside. Join her in her journey of simple living. 

      Mica is the entire reason I started participating in Style Challenges. Mica's a mom of one with an eye for fashion. I swear this girl can take any miss-mash of clothing and throw it together to create a chic, office ready look. She's brilliant and oh so kind! 

      Dare I dub Shannon the queen of the wardrobe basics? I swear this girl can take just your average t shirt, to above and beyond trendy. With an eye for fashion and a style all her own, you're sure to love this fashion blog. Oh and she's a newlywed with a husband equally as fashionable. Trust me, they are adorable. 

breaking rules here... I read way too many blogs. (; 

      Linda is a stunning New York native who's got her adorable Tory Burch Wedges in the door. Literally. The girl works for Cosmo! If you love New York City and fashion, look no further. 

      Elle is an ATL girl who knows her beauty products. When I say knows, I mean it. This girl dedicates months at a time testing out products so she can give the very best review possible. Her content is out of this world and I've never had a bad recommendation! Check her out! 

      More of that sweet southern hospitality comes in the form of the lovely Kristen. Also a GA girl, and beauty maven, she's constantly testing products and giving up front, honest reviews and recommendations. She's the true definition of a Georgia Peach. 

      It was Amanda who first exposed me to the world of Barre. Barre is a ballet based, core concentrating, new wave workout method that's actually a blast to do! As a lifestyle blogger, you are sure to relate to her and perhaps learn a few new things as well! 

      Rach is a beautiful soul from Chicago. As a newlywed and fashion lover, you'll see tons of posts about her love for affordable pieces and where to get your hands on them. She's one of the nicest people too! 

     Ashley is that girl next door with a bit of sass and edge. She rocks the cutest looks and always has her accessories on point! With a truly contagious smile, you are sure to love her! 

      Daisy is one of my oldest blog friends and so different from every other blog I follow. She and her husband are passionate about traveling and share their experiences through their amazing photos. Not only does she love the natural world around her, she strives to live a simple lifestyle. She's such a beautiful person, inside and out. 

      I've always had this obsession with Boston though I've never been. Something about east coast living just sounds really appealing to me. Plus I'm a total seafood nut. On Biana's blog, I get to see all the sights, and eateries Boston has to offer. She's a lifestyle blogger who loves all the little things in life. I actually discovered her blog from reading Amanda's and was so glad I did! 

      Another place high up there on my bucket list is Ireland. I was so happy when I stumbled upon Sinead and her lifestyle blog. The thing I love most about her blog is that she's not afraid to get real, and embraces bad days as well as the good days. Check her out! 

      Last but certainly not least is the lovely Lenya. She loves sharing her looks on her blog and keeps it strictly fashion. I love seeing all the wonderful combinations she comes up with. 

phew, that was a lot. Now to my newbies! 

      Jaelan is one of the beautiful faces behind the Makeup Mix up makeup Challenge. I first stumbled across her beauty and lifestyle blog via Instagram and quickly became a fan of her writing and eye for great products. 

      The other half of the dynamic duo that is the Makeup Mix up comes in the form of the lovely Miranda. As a fellow coffee lover, I knew it was a match made in blogging friendship. Plus there's a dog, need I say more?

      Affordable fashion, check. Super mommy, check. Sierra has both roles as a mom and fashionista seriously covered. She also shares the cutest little stories. 

      Though I'm just getting to know Vanessa through blogging, I can already assure you she's a fabulous read. Fashion, food, and life in California she's got something for everyone on her runway! 

      You won't be able to read Lysha's blog without leaving hungry. I've tackled more than a handful of her family friendly recipes and can't wait to try more! She's really got a knack for savory dishes! 

      Leave it to me to epically break the tag rules. In all honesty I read these blogs These are the blogs I've been lovely forever and there's no possible way I could ever narrow it down to 5. They are all great in each their own personal way. Another big thanks to the lovely Bianca for tagging me. Hopefully she's not too mad I "bent" her rules a bit. (; 

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