Something Old, Something Candy Pink

August 05, 2015

August is in full swing and so are all the wonderful style challenges I've been eye balling for the past two weeks. Instead of preparing ahead of time like I did for June Dress Week I thought I'd just dive in and see what I could come up with. I feel like I took my first style challenge too seriously. Though it was a blast to do, I feel like this time around I'll just wing it. 

~Monday's Look
      Monday was the first day I decided to join in and technically the 3rd day for each of the style challenges. Out of the three style challenges I plan to follow along with, I chose to #IWillWearWhatILike and #SoakUpTheSummer on Instagram for my Monday work attire. 

#IWillWearWhatILike first posted here
      Candy Pink was the theme for this style challenge. I knew this light pink LC tunic would work perfectly. This top has always been a favorite of mine and was purchased almost 4 years ago! It's surprisingly still in fantastic shape considering.  

#SoakUpTheSummer first posed here
      For this style challenge the prompt was Mini Me Monday. How could I not include my favorite little one? She also rocked some Candy Pink with her Zebra top and handmade bow we purchased locally. 

Both of these photos were taken in the same mirror roughly a year apart. On the left is from last year and the one on the right from Monday. I can really see the weight difference between these two photo and it makes me feel great! 

shopping for a new pair of work slacks

~Tuesday's Look
      Another style challenge I want to try to use this month is the #WearWhatWhereAugust challenge, first seen here. The prompt of the day was Something Old, Something New. Could that be any easier? It was a perfect excuse to showcase some new purchases. 

      These sandals have been on major repeat for the last few weeks. It really helps that I own them in two colors. How cute is that little gold bow detail? This cardigan is also a recent Target purchase, though this exact one is sold out on line. It's the perfect length, color, and weight for summer and early fall. 

      My dress is on it's second style challenge and sadly probably it's last. Since losing quite a bit of weight it's become large in awkward places. I don't want to permanently get rid of it. I do plan on getting pregnant again and I feel like this dress would be fantastic for a bit of weight gain. For now poplin dress, we must part ways. 

      When I came across the Tuesday #SoakUpTheSummer style challenge's prompt, "Celebrity Style Muse," I immediately thought of Kate Middleton. Though I do think it's a bit disrespectful to label her as a "celebrity," she was the first person that came to mind. As much as I brainstormed I couldn't come up with an outfit that would crossover into both style challenges. As much as I feel like this is jumping the gun a little bit since I plan on participating in the Makeup Mixup , I thought what about a Kate inspired makeup look? After all, makeup can be stylish. 

      The Duchess of Cambridge is never caught with sparkly shadows or neon lipstick. In fact, she's pretty much sporting a fresh, girl next door face any time she's photographed. I chose to combine my L'Oreal True Match in W1 and L'Oreal True Match Lumi in W1-2 giving me a nice glow while staying a tiny bit matte and natural looking. For the eyes I chose Makeup Geek in Vanilla Bean and Bravery from the CoffeeBreakWithDani ColourPop collaboation (currently sold out) . Both are a Satin finish with zero shimmer. I wanted just a touch of color to my lids. To finish off I did a simple black line and a coat of my Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara. On my lips, I lightly used L'Oreal's Rambling Rose

Be sure to follow along on Instagram and check out all the other fabulous ladies joining in! 

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