Quick Fix Dinners: Turkey Skillet Pasta

August 11, 2015

      Can I just say how speechless I am to have received such amazing advice on Friday's wedding post ?! I'm not going to lie, I figured it wouldn't be a very popular post since it could have been received as a bit of a "rant." However the amount of love, support, and just genuine kindness that I read were enough to choke a gal up. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!


      It's been a hot second since I've shared a good ole recipe post. I blame it on lack of creative spark. Since I'm pretty sure I left my brain in sweet sweet South Carolina, bare with me on the lack of food on According to Kiki. I mean it when I say I've got some pretty great ideas coming here soon. Especially with "crockpot season" right around the corner.
      Today's recipe sprung out of no where when I needed a quick fix meal to use up some leftover ground turkey. While searching my fridge for the answers, I thought about a nice additive free hamburger er, turkey helper meal. In attempts to eat cleaner, the elusive boxed up dinners have been absent from our cabinets since before Pen was born. I certainly don't miss them, and here's a perfect example why.

      Do you ever cut way too many peppers for taco night? Don't worry girl, me too. Since my tortoise isn't exactly a pepper fan, they go into a nice baggy and I just use them another day. Which happened to work nicely for this particular meal.
      I also sliced up a small squash because why the heck not? The two flavors, along with a bit of cumin and chili powder, made a nice array of saute veggies.

      Another thing we've since done away with is pre-shredded bagged cheese. Am I weird to say rubbing a block of cheese against a grater is therapeutic?


      On a separate burner I cooked two cups of bow tie pasta. We've been preferring shapes lately. Not that that's relevant, use what you have! Once my veggies were about half way through their saute- venture, I added our left over ground turkey and a tad more seasoning. After that I just browned the meat like I would any other day, pushing the peppers around as I did so. 

      Next came the cooked pasta and I mixed until my hand could not mix any more, added more seasoning, and topped it all off with some aged white cheddar. 

      This entire meal took less than 30 minutes to through together and I used two pots, one of which I actually had to scrub. If you're anything like me, and dishes are the kiss of death, one to two pot meals can be life changing! Never under estimate throw together meals! 

What are some of your favorite through together meals? 

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