August 17, 2015

      Um, it's Monday? Lately my weeks have been absolutely flying, which can be good and bad, but who am I to decide? Sticking to all things style challenge today and sharing a few of my looks from the past week. If you remember back to this post, I have been participating in as many style challenges as I humanly can in the month of August. As I did in my first style challenge, I'm really try to use what I already own instead of doing some unnecessary spending to meet the daily prompt. This is why I have skipped a few days here and there while participating. But hey, that's the reason I love these things, there's no rules, just fun with some fellow fashion lovers.

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~Thursday the 6th's Look, 
      I participated in the #WearWhatWhereAugust style challenge and the prompt EXPRESS yourself. It was a perfect excuse to bust out one of my Express tops that's a total oldie but favorite. Typically this top doesn't see a lot of the work place. The print is very casual and for me, it's more of a weekending top. However, after some weight loss this top has become a little too large. I haven't made up my mind if it's leaving my wardrobe quite yet, but it's definitely on it's last few wears. 

      I also used participated in the #SoakUpSummer style challenge because this sort of fit into the daily prompt. "This was a gift." I mean it sort of counts when it was a "gift" to yourself right? 

~Friday the 7th's Look
      I joined in on the #SoakUpSummer style challenge once again, to show of my favorite summer sandals this year. It doesn't get much better than Target for super cute, affordable shoes. These bad boys were under $10 when I picked them up on Clearance right before vacation. I also have them in nude, which I purchased back at the end of May. They pair nicely with almost anything and the small golden bow gives them that extra something.

      Skipping a head a few days, since weekends are no place for me to care. Monday the 10th, was crazy for me and I didn't have a second to dedicate to my style challenges. I did how ever spend some quality time with a good friend reminiscing over hot dogs. 

~Tuesday the 11th's Look
      I was back into the swing of things participating in two style challenges, this time the #DelishStyleChallenge and the #WearWhatWhereAugust challenges. When I stumbled upon the #DelishStyleChallenge, I knew exactly what I'd be wearing. The "Let's Flamingle," prompt was just too much fun. This dress made it's first appearance on the blog back in my vacation posts. It's the second print I own of this particular dress and I'm not going to lie, I've debated picking up a third. Both dresses are just so easy to wear and one of the comfiest at that. Trust me when I say it's twin will be making at least one of these challenges. 

      I'm not a sorbet fan and I can't even remember the last time I actually ate some. Elementary school maybe? Who doesn't love oranges, pinks, and whites though? I figured this look could roll over into the #WearWhatWhereAugust style challenge prompt of "Shades of Sorbet." 

yaaaas grainy phone pics

~Wednesday the 12th's Look
      I tackled our chilly Hump Day the best I could and went along with the "LOFTy Ambitions" prompt via #WearWhatWhereAugust. I have quite a few LOFT pieces in my closet, but chose this one because in the past, I've always loved how it layered. However this time, my feelings just weren't there. Since losing some weight the neckline sort of awkwardly drooped and the chunky statement necklace I chose didn't help. It's also become very boxy on me and pillowcase like. It was a nice run, but this top made it to the donate pile.

~Friday the 14th's Look
      I wrapped up last week with the #DelishStyleChallenge and her FancyFeet prompt. I LOVE these mule booties and totally wish I wore them more often. They still need to be broken in and I have trouble styling them. Thank goodness for Pinterest and some amazingly stylish ladies I follow here in the blog world. Hopefully you'll see these a lot come early fall. 

      There's my weekly round up of all things style challenge related. I'll really try to keep these kinds of posts to one real week at a time, but honestly who knows. Sometimes I'm just feeling the good ole type, where I can just sit down and let my words turn into something. Thank you guys so much for the kind words and support you've given me. It's more than I deserve and I'm blessed to have you here! 
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Have an amazing week!!!

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