August Life + Too Many Style Challenges

August 04, 2015

Oh July, where have you gone? July came and went way too fast. Anyone else agree? After a miserable June, the blessings just kept reeling in through the month of July. We welcomed warm weather, Joshua got a new position at work, and we celebrated the birth of a close friend's baby girl. Oh yea, and there was the whole vacation thing. I can only hope that August is equally as wonderful to us.

August is like the preamble to fall. If you've been to almost any store, you've most likely seen annoyed sales personal carting piles of Halloween decoration to the backs of the stores. Setting them up in a not some perfect manor because they assume no one is watching. I see you Target guy. I'm a fall person in every sense of the word, but enjoy the summer as well. August is like summer's one last hoorah. 

With fall literally right around the corner, I've already begun thinking how my wardrobe could benefit from a few new pieces. I've been purchasing little things here and there such as a few new pairs of jeans, some light sweaters. I've dropped almost 15lbs. since last year and I know when it's time to switch out my wardrobe quite a few things will have to go. How are you guys sprucing up your fall/ winter wardrobe? 

After a fun run with June Dress week Style Challenge I am happy to say I'm participating in many new style challenges in the month of August. Since it's not possible to do them all, I have been taking ideas from each and combing them. Currently I've been trying to incorporate three different challenges into one day! Style challenges are such a great way to help you out when you feel like you are in a rut with your wardrobe. Are you participating in any style challenges this month? 

Maybe makeup is more your calling? I had such a great time following along with the Makeup Mixup by Jaelan and Miranda. I was so excited when they announced they would be continuing the challenge through August with brand new prompts for each week. Will you be participating in the Makeup Mixup? 

It's looking like the month of August is going to be a busy one. I hope your month of July was fantastic and you are looking forward to the future as well! 

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