August 31, 2015

      I can't say I'm sad to watch the month of August disappear from the wall calendar. It wasn't a bad month or anything, but September is my absolute favorite month. Perhaps it's that brisk morning, warm afternoon, and windows open in the evening feeling it gives me. Sort of like baby steps into fall and I couldn't be more excited.

      I skipped a favorites post in the month of July because I was honestly under whelmed with every product I'd be trying. Skipping a month gave me some time to form opinions both good and bad on some new products as well as a few I'd be hoarding away.

      Favorite Makeup Products: 

      L'Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Foundation- If any of you remember this post, you're probably totally confused as to why this is suddenly a favorite. I blame it on a change in my skin care and my friend Elle for getting me to give this stuff another chance. You know what, I'm so glad I did. It makes my skin FLAWLESS.

There's a but.....I don't see this working well for someone with dry patches. As someone who has suffered from dehydrated skin, I can say first hand this isn't something I'd reach for on a day I noticed dry patches. Plus it drys very fast and can appear patchy if you don't work quickly.

      Boots No7 Stay Perfect Primer- Talk about one of the most random purchases ever. I ordered this in the beginning of July and received it the day before we left for vacation. I used it a handful of times down there, but couldn't give it a fair review until I was back to my normal climate. This stuff is brilliant! As someone who suffers from huge pores, I can say this fills them in like a dream. I like this better than Benefit's the Porefessional and um hello, the price?!!

There's a but.....I cannot find this sold in Target stores anywhere around me. I'm worried because of lack of popularity this product is on it's way to being discontinued which is a shame because it's an excellent find.

      MooGoo Edible Cow Lick Balm - In an awesome surprise birthday gift from Amber I was happy to discover this awesome lip balm. I've been using it every night before bed and wake up with the smoothest lips. MooGoo was a new to me company, and as I researched them, I was put at ease with their simple ingredients and integrity. An Australian based company, MooGoo also ships to the United States, UK, Ireland, Malaysia, and Europe. I am by far impressed and will definitely order more products in the future.

      Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme in Lust- That perfect dusty rose lip is all I've been going for lately. I've always been a fan of the liquid lipstick and when I saw these at my local Walgreens I had to have this shade. Milani lip products smell like a bakery full of Unicorns. I'm convinced I'll never find a brand who's products smell this heavenly.

There's a but.....When I saw these at my local Walgreen's, who ironically doesn't sell any Milani products, I had to ask why only carry the liquid lipsticks? Apparently these are a Walgreen's exclusive, even if your Walgreen's has never carried Milani products? Confusing, but ok Walgreen's, ok. Certainly there are better liquid lipsticks out there, but I just couldn't pass this one up.

What were your favorites from the month of August? 

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