What's in my Vacation Bag?

July 15, 2015

As much as I LOVE my Olivia + Joy tote , it just wasn't cutting it for vacation. I wanted something hands free, roomy, and functional. I've reached a point in my life where I am totally over the diaper bag. It's big, bulky, and ours is collapsing on itself lately and we've only had it about three months. To save us the argument of "who's turn is it to carry the diaper bag," on vacation, I knew it was time to look for something else.

Affordability was high on my list. Since this was a bag I am taking on vacation, I wanted something that would be functional, but if it happened to get scratched I wouldn't have a heart attack. I've been lusting after this handbag, but can't seem to commit just yet. Plus a few quality issues with the bag's handles have me very hesitant. It will probably happen, just not quite yet.

hey beautiful. 

After weeks of searching, I finally stumbled upon this guy at Target. Yes, Target, shouldn't I just move there by now? In all honesty, I have a few handbags from Target, my oldest reaching the 5 year mark. I have to say it's held up fabulously.

I could tell when I picked this large cross body satchel, that the quality was out of this world. Merona just happens to be one of my favorite Target carried brands, so I am quite familiar with their products. Of course time will be the real determining factor, but I am very exciting to put this to use in Myrtle.

Wallet- For obvious reasons. I've carried this same clutch style Coach wallet for the passed three years. I like that I can pull it out of my bag in a jiffy. When I'm bag-less, I strap it to my belt loop and shove the pouch into my pocket. It makes for easy grocery trips.

Wet n' Wild Megaslick- When packing my cosmetics, I knew I wanted to keep my lip products very simple. My Megaslicks have never let me down!

Lypsl- I don't think I've ever mentioned this lip balm before on the blog. It's been my absolute staple for months and I don't see myself ever purchasing a different brand.

Baby wipes and a few diapers- Again, for obvious reasons

Baby bib- My kid isn't exactly the cleanliest.

Ziploc bag- For that dirty bib!

Baby Book- Entertainment at it's finest

Phone & Keys (not pictured, but obvious) 

Nuby Snack cup- Never make the mistake of forgetting a snack. Hungry toddlers are angry toddlers.

Extra baby clothes

Hand sanatizer- I'm scared of public places, you should be too.


Portable charger

Sunglasses- Current favorite are my O by Oscar De La Renta.

I'd say for a handbag/ diaper bag this thing is going to work out perfectly! I've been carrying it the past two weeks to and from work and I've loved every second of it. If you are looking for trendy, affordable handbags, look no farther than Merona.

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