Vacation Pt. Two

July 31, 2015

I had so much fun sharing the first half of our vacation and loved hearing your kind words. It's still crazy to me how fast the last half of our stay went and I'm still in denial today is actually Friday. But hey, cheers to the weekend that crept up on me right? Enjoy part two!

Wednesday I woke twenty five. Yes, finally I have reached the mid-twenties mark. A new drivers license, one gray hair, and carpal tunnel in my hand, are just a few of the confirming factors that I am no longer a young gun. Yes, I'm totally being dramatic, but I feel much older than I used to. Alcohol gives me headaches, and staying up past ten almost never happens. It baffles me that I was once able to stay up until 6 am. Oh my twenty one year old self.

We spent the morning down at the beach and the afternoon at the pool. Nothing out of the ordinary. Since it was "my day" I got to pick where we went to eat. Of course, Fuddruckers was an obvious choice. Hello cheese pump. ♥

maybe I shouldn't wear rompers? flattest bum of life! 

In the evening we split up and Joshua, my sister, Penny, and I headed over to the shops at Barefoot Landing. Barefoot Landing is much farther away from where we stayed in comparison to it's similar shopping center, Broadway at the Beach. Both are equally family friendly, with lots to do and see. I do however, prefer the atmosphere of Broadway at the Beach, but Barefoot Landing is far less busy.

In all our geeky glory, we had dubbed Thursday as "the night we cook in." The reason being the Wayward Pines season finale. We didn't want social media or friends ruining the ending. It just so happened that our Beach day was cut short by a nice thunderstorm. Making our already low key day that much more acceptable.

We made baked Ziti with fresh bread.

Here's a little sneak peek into our condo as we attempted to take the worlds most awkward family photo. Pen was like, what are you guys looking at? She's used to someone always holding the camera. 

After dinner, and between storms, we all dressed in matching tye die tops my sister made and had an impromptu photo shoot on the beach. Though it was pretty early evening, the storms made our photos come out dark. We had fun racing to take these before the next storm hit.

To our dismay our last Beach day began with some pretty cruddy weather. We still wanted to pick up a few souvenirs for the Grandparents, so we figured we'd just shop until the weather cleared up. Around noon, the sun started to come out and we high tailed it down to the beach. We only stayed about two hours before yet another storm rolled in. This time my sister ran back to the condo with Penny and the rest of us got caught in the storm with our chairs and umbrella. We were only a half blocks walk to the ocean, but still got drenched. Easiest way to clean off the sand right?

ob-freaking-ssed with this dress, you'll see it again very soon (; 

Originally we had no plans for dinner but all of us had a seriously craving for some seafood. We threw around the idea of going to a buffet, but at $30 per person we just couldn't justify it. Instead we got ready, and headed to Murrells Inlet to one of our longtime favorite restaurants.

Drunken Jacks is a place we typically pass up because it's more on the pricier side. This year we said what the heck for our last night out. My parent had already been there on Monday when the kids went to Bubba's. Yea, you could say they love this place.

The only downside to eating here is the time it takes to be seated. We were given a estimated 2.5 hours when we arrived. Fortunately, we only waited 1.5. Sounds crazy right? Goes to show how much this place really is worth it. Behind the restaurant is a dock, bar, and beautiful scenery. The wait really goes fast. 

By the time we got back to the condo, the struggle had most definitely become real. I attempted to pack as much as I possibly could before we had one more night walk at the beach. My mom stayed at the condo with Penny of course. Night walking on the beach is not for a toddler. Too many crazy people setting off fireworks. 

Our last day was early. We wanted to be on the road before 7 and did just that. We took one last typical post vacation photo, complete with Pen and I wearing matching shirts (tough she was a bit emotional) and began the journey home. We had a very successful trek home and only hit two spots of very minor traffic. I speak for my entire family when I say we are so blessed to have gone on this trip and have it go so smoothly. If I had my way, I'd never leave. Pale skin and all, I'd sit my pasty bum in a beach chair any day. Thank you all for taking time to read about our time together.

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