Vacation Pt One

July 29, 2015

It's Wednesday morning and I'm still trying to come to terms with the fact that I am no longer on vacation. Who wouldn't after being completely spoiled for nearly ten days straight? Sadly, real life must go on, but at least we had a grand time making memories together.

Ready for a photo heavy vacation recap? 

Leaving at 10 PM Friday evening allowed us to miss every bit of vacation traffic and arrive in Myrtle by breakfast. All of us were tired, cranky. It was like one of those Snickers commercials. In a desperate attempt to prevent us from killing each other on day one, I Googled nearby places to get brunch and chose the first option.

Surfside Jenny's  is a small hole in the wall dinner with a maximum capacity of 70. It's every bit "Mom and Pop," if you will, with a touch of local charm. It totally fit my obsession with eating local. 

I'm not a breakfast person, it's rare for me to ever eat something other than a granola bar. So I skipped right to the lunch options and ordered this delicious grouper sandwich (pictured above). If you want a nice place to grab breakfast or lunch in Surfside, check out this joint. 

can you spot my brother? 

Our condo check in was at three. To kill time we did a bit of shopping and purchased food for the week's lunches. By three, we were all dying to get into our suits. We spent the remainder of our day relaxing by the pool, and enjoyed some California Pizza for dinner. 

Down to the beach we went until mid afternoon. Pen really enjoyed playing in the sand. The ocean, not at first, but she started warming up to it. 

Say what you want about the "man-bun" trend, but I'm starting to actually dig it. After endlessly teasing him with Mulan songs months ago when he first told me his hairstyle plans, I'm actually really attracted to it. 

For dinner we ate at one of our favorites, River City Cafe . It's a cozy little shack right on the water serving up fresh, never frozen burgers and ridiculously low prices. We love this place, there's something for everyone.

After dinner, we enjoyed a walk down the Surfside pier. Penelope loved holding her Papa's hand as we made our way to the end.  

Day two concluded with a game of mini golf that the one year old was totally not ready for. Don't get me wrong, she loved the "ball," but wanted nothing to do with the adorable plastic club they gave her. Joshua and I took turns "helping" her swing the club. Near the end she was exhausted and passed out in my arms. 

It was another typical morning at the beach. No alarm clocks, no rush. We all just kind of woke up at our own pace. The day was pretty standard, beach first followed by the pool in the afternoon to cool off before we went in to get ready for the night. 

My parents went off and did their own thing while the five kids headed over to another favorite, Bubba's Fish Shack . 

Us kids (seriously, who am I kidding) did some more shopping. I picked up one too many Myrtle Beach tees for Pen and we met back up with my parents for an evening stroll on the beach. 

boy it was WINDY

We managed to get a few cute snapshots before calling it a night. Being the nerds we are, Joshua, my mom and I stayed up to watch Teen Wolf. Hey, one less this to catch up with on the DVR right? 

Broadway at the Beach is a shopping and attraction center in Myrtle Beach. It was about twenty minutes from where we stayed and could easily be an entire evenings worth of activities. 

 how cute is the little frog peeping over the building? 

We decided to try a new place to eat called Senor Frogs. I was very off put by the negative online reviews, but since this is a fan favorite for my cousins, we figured why not. 

it was a pretty dim lit restaurant

Most of the menu was your typical Tex-Mex. It was a bit pricier than the other places we dined, but nothing outrageous. My sister and I both ordered the chicken chimichanga with guacamole. The chicken was sauteed in some sort of creamy ranch sauce which I nearly licked off my plate. No bad reviews here, this food was great! 

here you can see just how tan Pen really is 

The atmosphere was quirky and interesting. There was a stage, so I'm assuming if you're a later diner, you'd have some sort of musical entertainment. We like to beat the mad dinner rush and arrived at 4:30. If you ever vacation to Myrtle Beach, that's the secret to not waiting 2 hours to be seated. 

After dinner we spent the rest of the evening walking through the shops before the fireworks at ten. It was a pretty late night for Pen, but she was an angel none the less. She did so well with the fireworks too!  

Phew, if you made it to this point I applaud you. Sometimes it's hard to stay interested in lengthy posts, and I try to keep them short and sweet. However vacations are anything but. Thank you guys for taking time to keep up with us here and on Instagram. So much more to share with you all soon! 

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