Vacation Mayhem + 6 Things We LOVE at Myrtle Beach

July 08, 2015

As many of you know we had plans to vacation in Atlanta this year. I have never been and I was ecstatic to go. Unfortunately, due to some family health issues (we were staying with family) that trip fell through. With only eighteen days until our scheduled time off from work, we decided to go to Myrtle again with my parents. In the end it all worked out completely and I couldn't be more excited for the 17th to get here!

Myrtle Beach is a comfortable place for my family. We've been going since I was a wee thing and I don't see us getting bored with it any time soon. It's affordable, accessible, and there's a ton to do. Parts of it get a bad rep. It can be very touristy, but we've always enjoyed our stay.

This year, we are staying in Surfside beach, just a block's walk from the ocean. We haven't stayed at Surfside since my brother was a baby and my family and I are so excited!

Here are a few things we love about Myrtle Beach in a few throw back photos from last year's trip! 

 little 5 month old Penelope, July 2014

1. The Beach
          Well, this is a given. Why would you vacation to a beach if you didn't love the beach? Last year was Pen's first time experiencing the sand a surf. Most of her vacation was spent snoozing away, but she did like squishing in the sand. It's crazy to think how different this year will be. 

 Building sand animals is one of my favorite beach activities

2. The Ripley's Aquarium- Broadway at the Beach 
          It's not the most amazing aquarium in the world. In fact, it's small and only takes about an hour and a half to get through, but it's still one of our favorites. If we would have known last year that we'd be returning this year, I think we would have skipped it. It can be slightly underwhelming for adults who aren't really into wildlife. I'm a totally animal nut and have a love for sharks, this aquarium is worth every penny to me. Speaking of Penny, this year will be a lot more exciting watching her look at the animals.

The Ripley's Aquarium is located at Broadway at the Beach, one of Myrtle's premiere shopping and dining spots. One of our favorite spots to eat is called Johnny Rockets. Burgers, milkshakes, singing and dancing. It's like you took a trip through time and woke up in the 50's.  

3. Bubba's Fish Shack
          This was a new stop for us last time in our attempt to dine out every night, but stay on budget. The prices of this place were amazing! My entire family is so excited to go back!

When I look back at these photos I can't help but be shocked at how different I look. This was 5 months post baby and I was still about 160 lbs. Most of my vacation I felt uncomfortable. I was bigger than I wanted to be and it really shows in a lot of these photos. I am now down to just 140 lbs which is a really comfortable weight for me. I'm actually excited to go swimming this year.

why yes that's a pool of cheese and salsa ALL.OVER. my burger

4. Fudruckers
          Once upon a time in Canton we had a Fudruckers and for whatever reason it closed with no warning. Honestly we all joke that if we would have known my parents would have taken out some huge loan to save it. To this day it remains one of our favorite places to snag a burger. Last year we went on my birthday, so why not stick to that tradition this year?

5. Mini Golf
          It isn't a vacation in Myrtle unless you've mini golfed at least once. I'll be the first to admit that I am dreadful at it. Joshua came in second place last year out of ten with Penny strapped to his chest sleeping.

6. Alligator Adventure- Barefoot Landing
          Another exciting thing to do if you're into animals. Especially the creepy crawly ones! This park is home to thousands of species of alligator and crocodile. Most have been injured and this is their last chance at a life. It's such a fascinating place to visit and the staff is really knowledgeable about the animals. 

As you can probably tell, I'm not a restful vacationer. I like to get out, explore, and well, eat. But who doesn't? As we prepare for our week getaway I'll be sharing some fun pre-vacation posts on the blog. I hope you enjoy as I have had a grand time planning them out! 


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