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July 17, 2015

As much as I love a full face of makeup, there's nothing I dislike more than that super heavy feel on 90 degree days. There's nothing like feeling that sticky slimy mess on your face in the summer time. It makes even the prettiest of gals that much more attractive. Hopefully all of you caught my sarcasm or are scratching your head questioning my sanity. Before I epically fail at more comedic moments here's all the makeup I'm packing for a week at the beach.

          Shadows:  What better way to take your favorite shadows with you than a small Z Palette . Just depot your favorite shadows and you are good to go! Some of my favorites include MAC, Makeup Geek, and Wet n' Wild.

          Liner & Mascara: Taking a simple black liner, like this NYC Liquid Liner. It's affordable but lasts on a sweaty summer day. Mascara was a no brainer, my Maybelline Lash Sensational in blackest black. Even if I wear no liner this stuff looks fabulous.

          BB Cream/ Foundation: When we go out I like a little more coverage I opt for the L'Oreal True Match Lumi . It's light, gives me the perfect finish, and photographs like a dream! I'm not crazy about the L'Oreal Magic BB cream but it's still in it's early testing stage. I don't hate it, but so far, I don't see much benefits.

           Primer: I found this primer on the Target site while browsing some primer options. In the past I'd say the best primer I came across was Benefit's Porefessional. It's still very early to give a full review, but my jaw dropped the first time I used this primer. It's in a word, amazing. I can't wait to test it with all my current foundations.

          Powder: Rimmel Stay Matte powder. Tried, true, and gets the job done. I just wish they'd put this in a compact already.

          Bronzer/ Highlight: Bronzing my skin is next to impossible. My natural face skin is very red (the rest of me is yellowish) and bronzers are typically orange, those two just don't look right. For a natural highlight, I love the Maybelline Dream Lumi Concealer . The only thing that drives me insane about it is all the writing wore off the packaging in under a week. I could expect that if I had the product for ages, but a week, c'mon?? That's always been a little pet peeve of mine. The product itself is very underrated.

          I'd be lost without my go to lip balm . Seriously if you haven't tried this stuff you're missing out. EOS who?

          Lippies: When thinking of what lip products to take with me on this trip, my Wet n' Wild Megaslick in the shade Made You Pink (not pictured here), was an obvious choice. Just enough color to make me look alive without have to worry about lip stick. I've also been loving Rambling Rose by L'Oreal Pairs.

I've never been so ready for a vacation in my life. Isn't it funny the older you get the more you seem to appreciate "free time." Life in the heart of it all has been chaos and Joshua and I are two seconds from dashing to Myrtle and never coming back. Clearly that's not an option, we'll be back, but the time away from our home town will do us wonders.

What products are you loving in the summer months?

I can't wait to take this photo again. 

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