My Hair Story....

July 01, 2015

"About a week ago......." I got a perm. I really hope at least half of you got what I was attempting to do there. If not, I will hang my head in shame.

Yes, a perm. Me, with my thick curly hair that everyone says looks beautiful all the time. I'm not tooting my own horn. At least once a week I get a hair compliment and it does feel great, but the struggle to get it that way every day was making me lose my mind. Let's rewind to about seven years ago and I'll explain. WARNING: This post contains strong awkward throwbacks.

me in all my Senior year glory. My how things have changed. 
 btw, I was doing stage crew for the school play- photo explained

Once upon a time my hair used to have these awesome, tight Shirley Temple curls no product required. We're talking out of the shower bam instant curls. Life was good and I loved my hair.


College hit and I noticed my curls becoming loser, and my body becoming fatter. I still feel like I blame the freshman 15 on the fact I lost almost all my curl that year. Though I am totally aware of the seven year hormonal changes we all get to go through.  

not the worst of my awkward throwbacks
- except that stupid feather in my hair. Remember those? Can you see it? 

Within those first two years, next to all of my beloved curls were gone and I was left with a head of awkward sort of wavy, sort of straight hairs I knew nothing to do with. So I walked into Ulta and purchased the first curling iron I saw, naturally, because it was pink. 

this must have been pre-discovering lipstick and bronzer era

yea, well, we all have those awkward photos
but hey, my brother is holding a kitten, maybe we could advert our eyes there?

2013- 14 I rocked the short, fluffy hair. In February 2015 I got bangs, which will most likely make a comeback once it's cold again. My hair also got super red after having Penny. 

For the next four years, I cut, curled, straightened and attempted to be happy with my hair. I went short, long, super short, then long more times then I can count. Most of the time it was a heavy train wreck growing out of my head. Far from what I wanted. I also noticed a drastic lightening in my color. I have never dyed or highlighted my hair. For years, my pink curling iron and I had a fantastic relationship, until two weeks ago. 

It was the noise heard around my apartment the moment that little spring that holds the arm onto the barrel shot across my bathroom. I took it as a sign and decided it was time to look into perming my hair back to what it used to be.  


It was a decision I waited entirely too long to do. For the first time in a very long time, I feel like my old self. Not spending over an hour on my hair is pretty rad too. I hope you like it, and if you don't well that's ok too. I'm so happy with how it turned out. 

Let's chat,
Have you ever had a perm or something crazy done to your hair?
What do you think?
Any perm advice? 

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