"Baby," it's summer time

July 13, 2015

With the beach just around the corner, I thought I'd share my top baby beach and summer must haves! We are second timers at the beach with baby this year, and certainly more prepared than last.

Just One You Swim Suits- This is our second year purchasing this particular brand and I gotta say they are bomb! Affordable, adorable, need I say more? Whales ,  Paisley

A hat-  Ours is yet again, another Target purchase. Pen hates hats, it's all I can do to keep one on her. Why spend more than $5?

California Baby Bug Spray- Though we've never had a bug problem in Myrtle, Ohio is an entirely different story. This stuff keeps my baby safe from those pesky bugs and gives me piece of mind that I'm not blasting her in harmful chemicals.

Coppertone Water Babies SPF 50- Remember who's blog you're currently reading? My pale self thrives on this stuff. To date it's one of the only sun screens that prevents me from burns. Why wouldn't I trust it on my baby?

Huggies Swim Diapers-  I wouldn't say I "love" these, but they are a necessity. No matter the brand if you have a poo-splosion on your hands that swim diaper isn't going to cut it. Hopefully your kiddo is out of the pool when this happens.

Flip flops-  Pen does really well keeping flip flops on and a lot of people are baffled by this. Here's a secret, mom-to-mom.
TOP SECRET: In college I wore a lot of heels, wedges, because obviously I thought I was "hot." To prevent blisters on nights when I wasn't, let's say "walking to the best of my ability," I coated my feet in Vaseline. To this day it's how I break in new shoes and deal with all day adventures with ease. Rub a little Vaseline between your baby's toes and areas the straps hit their tiny feet. I bet your kid will keep those flip flops on. (;

I hope you enjoyed my baby beach and summer must haves! As a first time mom I am far from perfect and learn something new every single day. We are always open to suggestions, and tips from parent friends all over the world! What are your baby summer must haves?

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