To my other half,

June 21, 2015

          Perhaps today won't be perfect. In fact, maybe it will rain, or maybe it will be too hot to even venture outside. To most, Father's Day is a day for BBQs, picnics, pool parties, but in actuality it's just another day. Truth is, we should be celebrating you the other 364 days a year as well.

          Today is your second Father's Day. As we look back to a year ago, so many things have changed. I think you can agree that every day is a learning experience and every day a blessing. At this point I'd say they go pretty hand in hand, and I know you'd agree.
          You can say I always knew you'd be a good father. Though what I got instead was extraordinary. Not a day passes I'm not 100% thankful you're in our lives. Penelope is a lucky little girl and it warms my heart seeing the two of you together. You deserve to hear today, and every day, how wonderful of a father you are.

Until time stops,



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