The Perfect Maxi

June 08, 2015

Today marks day one of the June Dress Week style challenge and I couldn't have been happier when I read the first prompt. As with anything, trying new things can be a bit nerve wrecking. This being my first style challenge, I was nervous about how things would turn out. With the prompt "Maxi Monday," I knew easing into this challenge with something I loved wearing would be a no-brainer. Linking up with Mica today over on Away from the Blue. She is also participating and you should too!

These indoor photos break my heart

Dress: Attention . Jacket: Old Navy. Shoes: Forever 21

Why buy? 
This maxi dress came into my life the day I left for vacation last year. Yes, I'm that person who goes shopping for vacation clothes hours before the actual vacation. Not only is it super comfortable, but it's colors are so alive. This dress is summer, and reflects the best of the colors around us.

How I styled it, 
Jean jackets are kind of borderline when it comes to office wear. Working in a business casual environment, people tend to be lenient. Me wearing a touch of denim on a Monday is certainly the least of dress code violations to worry about. I have worn this dress with a short sleeved, peach colored cardigan and it looks lovely. But somehow today, the jacket just felt right. However, I purchased this particular jacket when I was pregnant and it's a bit large on me now. I might hang onto it a while longer, and in the mean time search for a smaller, more structured one.

holy wind

Sadly Mother Nature has thrown quite the curve ball this week and decided rain, wind and thunder storms are the best choice in weather. I was so looking forward to getting some nice outdoor photos for my style challenge and sadly the forecast seems to disagree. I thought I'd include the above attempt anyway for fun. #StyleChallengeFail

I hope you enjoyed this first day of June Dress Week! Remember this style challenge continues through this week and starts again June 22 to the 26th. I've had a blast so far coming up with different outfits and I know you would too! Join me on Instagram to see more!

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