The Other side of Boho

June 11, 2015

When planning ahead for the  June Dress Week  1 challenge, I knew Thursday's prompt would by far be the hardest. To learn more about the June Dress week style challenge, click here. Linking up with the lovely Mica .

Today's theme was "Boho Beauty." Now I'm the furthest thing from a sun kissed music festival attendee, and didn't want to completely alter myself just to fit this day. So here's my attempt to connect with the boho gang.

Dress: Xhilaration (thrifted NWT) , Cardigan: Mossimo , Sandals : ???
Necklace: Forever 21. Rings: Rogers, Forever 21, & American Eagle.
Earrings: Forever 21.

Why buy? 
Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of the aztecian, tribal, chevron, what have you prints. I like my prints, I'm just not a huge fan of those ones. I cheated a bit for today's style challenge and scavenged my local thrift shop. When going into this style challenge I really wanted to test myself and only allow myself to use items that already existed in my closet. Unfortunately this was a rule I had to break. This particular print is one I see myself enjoying. Even with my old lady-like (says my sister) tastes, this is "me" while still being trendy.

How I styled, 
"Boho professional," is what I'm going for today. Just the right amount of print and accessories to cross into the boho world, all the while staying totally true to my own personal style. I wanted a dress I would wear again, none of this "buy it because I can wear it in my Instagram photos," nonsense. I love the cut of this dress, you will certainly see it again.
Were you shocked when I paired it with a cardigan? I know, I'm so predictable, but they are just "me." My sandals are SUCH an old Target purchase. They have an Owl stamped onto the heel. I have no idea what brand that is. Accessories were fun today. I had totally forgotten about this elephant pendant I purchased probably 5+ years ago from Forever 21. I saw it hanging in my closet and knew it was just right for today.

Future plans,
I've never been a fan of the boho trend. Although it seems very relaxed, I find the trend a little too unkept looking for my lifestyle. I was able to conquer today's challenge and find an item that works with my own tastes while staying true to the boho theme. However I don't think you'll see me in fringe kimonos, crop tops, and tribal print any time soon. (; This dress however will be back in all it's boho glory.

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