Pretty in Poplin

June 22, 2015

It's no secret I love me some full skirts. The fuller the better in my opinion and I've almost purchased a petticoat a handful of times. But hey, let's be modern shall we? As much as I'd love to sport some larger than life body around my waist, I do realize it's 2015. Linking up with fellow dress lover Mica .

Where can I find full skirts and light weight material? The answer, poplin. One of the best fabrics for achieving both of those looks. If you want one of those whirly-twirly dresses, check out some poplin options. I happened to love Old Navy's huge selection for amazing prices.

Dress: Old Navy (same dress, different print). Cardigan: Croft & Barrow.
Tights: Merona. Shoes: Wanted

The June Dress week  (week two) celebrations style prompt of the day is "Oldie but Fave." Though it's the oldest dress in my collection, it's still one of my favorites.

Why buy?
If you didn't catch enough of my rave above, this. fabric. rocks. On the hottest of days I'm grabbing my poplin favorites so I can beat the heat.

How I style,
The prints in this dress resemble a light pink or peachy toned color. I have a few cardigans I rotate when I where this particular print, but this solid pink one is a favorite.

Future plans, 
For the most part, I've styled this dress in pretty much every way I can. I'd love to try the dress as a skirt thing, but so far my attempts have been a little "meh." Who knows, maybe with a little more practice.

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