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June 24, 2015

You know those dresses that just scream "wear me on vacation?" Today's prompt for the June Dress Week 2 style challenge was "Take me away." With vacation upon us in less than a month, I figured I'd share a dress I snagged just for the occasion. Head here to see Mica's June Dress Week Style Challenge picks!

While enjoying the warm sun that is Georgia, this look will be a no tights, no cardigan, sandals get-up. I love a summer dress than can easily be transitioned to work for the office. This is actually the exact dress I wore in this post, in a different print. I mean if you love it why not buy it in multiples?

Dress: Xhilaration (Thrifted NWT). Cardigan: Charter Club.  
Shoes: Wanted Tights: Merona. 

Why buy?
When it comes to black based florals, there's a lack in my closet. Typically I go for navy based florals since black isn't exactly "my cup of tea." Inevitably every girl needs one or two black dresses. 

How I styled it, 
Thank goodness for floral. Easily one of these most wearable prints and something my own closet seems to be exploding with. Sorry not sorry. With such a subtle amount of teal in the daisy print, I thought pairing this dress with a pop of color cardigan was the perfect way to take away from so much black.

Future plans, 
This dress feels like it was made for me. The cut, the flare, everything. I can't wait to wear it on vacation next month and many more times after that. I always seem to have such luck with Target dresses. You really can't beat their price and quality.
Styling wise, I think this dress has a lot to offer. There's hints of mustard, orange and even reds. I think this dress will work with many color options. 

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