Perfectly Penelope

June 02, 2015

Life with a 15 month old is so much more than I expected. Not a single day passes she doesn't learn something new and her personality seems to be working it's way to the surface. I talk a lot about time here on According to Kiki, and today's post is no exception.

In the beginning I wanted to do these kinds of posts more often, but it seems infants don't change as much as you'd think. It wasn't until I saw Anna Saccone from the YouTube family The SacconeJoly's, do a post on her son, that I realized I needed to start doing them again. Why not start now?

How Old? - 15 months.

What size clothes? - She can still wear 12 month tops in most brands, and 18 months in others. Most 18 month clothes are too big on her but not terribly. Baby clothes sizes just don't make sense.

How many teeth? - She has 14 teeth all the way through, but I've noticed 2 more about to break the gum. The excitement when it's time to brush her teeth is priceless.

Vocabulary? - Mama, Dada, Daddy, Gaga (what she calls my mom), Papa, Mamaw, Papaw, Nana, Bubble, Cat, Kayla and my favorite, RJ (Just learned how to say this!)

she loves her cousin RJ! 

Favorite Food? - I'd say right now it's a toss up between watermelon and carrots.

Favorite Song? - Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars. It doesn't matter how upset she is, just play that song and instant happy baby.

Favorite Toy? - It doesn't matter how many toys she has to play with, she will almost always choose books. This makes me so proud since I began reading to her since the day she was born. We've actually read a few so many times they've snapped in half!

Sleeping habits? - She almost always has a 2-3 hour morning nap. This is usually around 9 or 10. Some days she wants an afternoon nap as well, but not all the time. Her bed time is 7:30 and she sleeps through the night until I wake her at 7am.

Baby Items we (still) can't live without? - The Just Born  brand patchwork blanket is an absolute life saver. It was a gift when she was born and it's been her go to crib/ bassinet blanket since. Sadly it's starting to look a bit on the shabby side, so I will be repurchasing. They are less than $20 and well worth every penny.

The Baby Einsteins Sea dreams crib soother  is one of the best things to ever happen to us. I swear this, and Joshua's magic touch, finally got our little Pen sleeping through the night when she was ten months old.

Biggest Accomplishments? - Besides her ever growing vocabulary, she has been doing a great job with using the potty. We began sitting her on the potty when she was ten months, for fun at first, but we soon realized she loved doing it. To this day we leave the bathroom door open and she goes in and pulls her Sophia the First seat off the floor when she wants to go.

She certainly doesn't go every time, nor is this something we take 100% serious. Our hope is that by encouraging that the potty is fun at such an early age, that she will be fully trained by the time she is two. It's a little harder when we're out and about, but for the most part, she days dry at home.

I hope you enjoyed this quick update and reading about how things have changed living with a 15 month old. It's been one crazy, exciting time.

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