Nautical Ninny

June 12, 2015

Has this been the fastest week of life or what?! Perhaps it's because I've kept up with this style challenge a lot easier than I expected, or the sheer fast forward that is my life. Whatever the case, I'm totally ready for this weekend. Taking a friend out for his birthday tonight and helping another friend with her nursery on Saturday. Lots of things to look forward to.

Today's June Dress week 1 style challenge prompt was "Nautical Nods." At first I was like, "heh?" What on Earth does that mean? Linking up with the Queen of Style Challenges, Mica.

Dress: Old Navy. Cardigan: Mossimo. 
Shoes: Forever 21.  Necklace: Walmart (I think).

Why buy?
Do I really need to explain how amazing eyelet is? I purchased this dress for $6 a few months back and totally fell in love with the fabric. I have a few eyelet tops, but this was my first dress purchase, quickly followed by a similar back one. If you don't own anything eyelet, give it a try!

How I styled,
I wanted to stick to the basic nautical themed colors: navy, whites, corals. I knew this necklace would be a great way to capture the coral shade and add a bit of color. Finding the right layering top was a bit difficult. If I would have worn this on a weekend or a night out, I could have gotten away with bare arms. Since I work in an office, that situation wasn't going to fly.

Future plans, 
This dress is far from reaching it's styling potential. I can't wait to play around with belts, layers, etc. This may ever be a contender for my attempt to wear a dress as a skirt, since the skirt itself has so much natural body.

However, I wasn't thrilled with the way today's challenge played out. I wanted something a little more stripey, red, or even something with some anchors on it? Over all I think it worked, but it certainly wasn't my favorite pairing. Not to mention I'm totally less than thrilled with how my photos turned out today. But hey, when you are your own photographer, sometimes these things happen. Especially when you are having a short day at work and a packed afternoon.

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